Retekess T130 T131 Cost-effective Tour Guide System

T130 is a classic audioguide system that has received unanimous high praise and pursuit from customers around the world since its release due to its compact design, excellent sound quality, competitive factory price and convenient operation. You can use it in the following scenorias: church service, plant/factory visit, conference communication, translation, etc. As a well-known manufacturer in the industry, Retekess has been specializing in wireless audioguide systems for over 15 years. Our products, known for the reasonable prices, excellent quality, attentive service, diverse range, and well-established overseas logistics and warehousing system, have gained the favor of customers both domestically and internationally. Below are several quantity combinations of T130-T131 tour guide systems, the combinations can be chosen as needed. T130 transmitter can be connected to any number of T131 receivers, if the combination you want is not available here, please contact us to get it.

Features of the T130-T131 cost-effective tour guide system:

  • 99 channels
  • Transmitter works for 12 hrs; receiver works for 18 hrs
  • PLL technology ensures signal stability and reduces noise
  • Excellent clear sound quality
  • Working range 50m/164ft in an open area
  • Synchronize channels automatically
  • Portable and easy to use

Compatible with TT001 32-slot charging case, TT006 64-slot charging case, TT002 16-port USB charging base, and TT018 60-port carry case.

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wireless transmission system supports 99 groups to operate simultaneously

PLL technology ensures signal stability and reduces noise

Best-selling and most cost-effective 

1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need

50 meters communication distances

Easy to set up and carry around

900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the transmitter, 12 hours last upon the full charge

600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the receiver; 18 hours last upon the full charge

$237.99 $175.99

Wireless handheld microphone for flexible spokesperson changes

High ECM sensitivity; very wide bandwidth

Low non-linear harmonic distortion

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 10 hours of work for the microphone transmitter, 18 hours of work for the receiver

Working distance 100m/328ft

Easy to use: support one-touch pairing, one-touch shutdown of all receivers

$225.99 $184.99

-- Church translation system has 99 IDs, allowing 99 teams to work simultaneously in the same room for simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages.

-- The communication range is 164 ft/50 m.

-- Listener is free to adjust the volume while listening.

-- The transmitter also supports the connection of external media devices with AUX cables.

$349.99 $283.99

Wireless audio tour guide systems with crystal clear sound

30-50m communication distance under open area 

Automatic pairing and manual pairing

Most cost-effective and popular

Microphone jack supports connecting audio devices

Phase-locked loop technology automatically avoids interference

Transmitter can be used for 12h on a full charge and receiver can be used for 18 h on a full charge


$997.50 $819.99

T130 travel translation equipment includes  transmitters, Receivers and a 60-port portable carry case

Most popular wireless tour guide system

1 transmitter can be used with any number of receivers

The transmitter's built-in 900mAh Li-ion battery works for 12 hours

The receiver with built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery works for 18 hours

PLL technology to avoid interference and ensure clear sound

$679.99 $519.99

T130 church translation system is easy to set up and carry

Transmitter has a communication range of 50 meters/196 feet

1 transmitter can be used with any number of receivers

Transmitter built-in 900mAh Li-ion battery works for 12 hours

Receiver with built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery works for 18 hours

Microphone jack can also be connected to audio devices

PLL technology to avoid interference and ensure clear sound

99 channels

T130 church translation equipment includes 4 transmitters, 60 receivers and a 64-port portable charging storage case

$1,859.99 $1,539.99

Retekess T131 receiver can only be used with the T130 transmitter, which makes up the T130-T131 tour guide system.

Classic model, cost-effective and durable

Adopt PLL technology to ensure a stable signal and clear sound

Wireless receivers can work for 18 hours

The communication range of the T130 transmitter and T131 receiver is up to 50 m/164 ft

T131 receiver is widely used for tours, interpreting, conference, or teaching


Wireless handheld microphone transmitter compatible with T131, T131S receiver

High-quality sound; no lag or distortion

ECM has high sensitivity; very wide frequency band; and small nonlinear harmonic distortion

The transmission distance of the microphone is 100m/328ft

One-click pairing; one-click to turn off the receiver

49 channels


It is made of the aluminum alloy

You can put down all the accessories. It is very convenient for you.

64 ports Charging case for Retekess T130 T131 TT106 tour guide system

it is a durable and fire-resistant Portable design, you can take it anywhere.


Retekess t130 transmitter supports use with a myriad of receivers

Portable transmitter for up to 12 hours of continuous use

PLL technology reduces noise and improves sound quality

Wireless transmitter has an operating distance of 50/164ft

Best choice for church interpreters

Easy to use

$44.99 $41.99

Charging, carrying and storage box for T130 tour guide system

32 charging ports

With lock and key Durable and Portable


16-port USB charging base Compatible with T130 TT103 tour guide system Adapter input : AC100-240V Can charge for up to 16 receivers or transmitters simultaneously Extend the life of tour guide equipment US/EU/UK plug available


60 ports for receivers , 2 pcs fortransmitters, 58 pcs receivers

Suit for T130, TT110.TT101 

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch