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Retekess TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headsets

Below are several quantity combinations of TT112-TT111 wireless tour guide headsets, with different combinations including different numbers of products, allowing choice as needed. TT112 transmitter can be connected to any number of TT111 receivers, if the combination you want is not available here, please contact us to get it.

Features of the TT112-TT111 wireless tour guide headsets:

  • 36/100 channels
  • Transmitter works for 10 hrs; receiver works for 8.5 hrs
  • Working range up to 200 m/ 656 ft in an open area
  • Synchronize channels automatically
  • One button to mute the transmitter
  • One key to turning off all receivers

Compatible with TT005 32-slot charging case, TT006 64-slot charging case, TT002 16-port USB charging base, and TT016 48-port carry case.