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Tour Guide System Accessories

Retekess tour guide system accessories, including earpiece, microphone, charging box, charging base, etc. These products are cost effective, durable, portable, and have been well recognized by customers from all over the world. Add tour guide systems accessories, to make your wireless tour guide equipment more perfect.

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360° rotating TT110 tour guide system transmitter microphone

The microphone on TT110 tour guide system transmitter is compatible with Retekess T130S, T130, TT122, TT125, TT116 and TT112.


Highly elastic, soft, and comfortable to the touch

Reduces noise and improves sound fidelity

Keep the earphone earpiece clean and hygienic

Fits headphones of T131 TT101 TT104 and TT122 receivers for a precise fit 


3.5mm standard plug for tour guide system transmitter 

Suitable for Retekess T130S, TT101, TT103, T130, TT106, TT116and TT122 wireless transmitter


Output: DC 5V, 20A

Input: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

With 4 Wheels Weight: 5770g

40 ports charging case for TT105 and TT109

Safer with lock design Size: 520 x320x 180mm

Aluminum alloy, durable and fire-resistant With separate space for microphones


Retekess TT005 32 port charge 32 tour guide system at one time It is made of aluminum alloy, it is durable and fire-resistant Portable design, you can take it to anywhere. You can put down all the accessories. It is very convenient.


It is made of the aluminum alloy

You can put down all the accessories. It is very convenient for you.

64 ports Charging case for Retekess T130 T131 TT106 tour guide system

it is a durable and fire-resistant Portable design, you can take it anywhere.


32 ports

Portable design

Output: DC 5V, 16A

Input : AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Aluminum alloy, durable and fire-resistant


Retekess carry case for PR13 V112 FM radio 50 ports with accessories.


Retekess Charge box, storage box for TT101 and TT102 tour guide system It has 40 ports, you can charge 40 once, you can carry the package very convenient outside. Aluminum alloy, durable and fire resistant Portable design, you can put down all the accessories


Retekess TT014 charging, carrying and storage box

Compatible with TT110 tour guide system

TT110 guide system 32-slot charging box built-in negative ion generator which has sterilize and deodorize function


Retekess F4511B Portable Clip-on Lapel Microphone 3.5mm Jack Hands-free

Wired Microphone for Tour guide System

Note: This microphone does not work with the TT109 and TT105 tour guide systems.


Charging, carrying and storage box for T130 tour guide system

32 charging ports

With lock and key Durable and Portable


16-port USB charging base Compatible with T130 TT103 tour guide system Adapter input : AC100-240V Can charge for up to 16 receivers or transmitters simultaneously Extend the life of tour guide equipment US/EU/UK plug available


Charge up to 30 TT116 transmitters and receivers simultaneously

The charging case supports one-touch pairing of transmitters and receivers


This D-shaped headset is suitable for T131STT122TT110TT102 receiver

Both left and right ears can wear

Excellent durability and good sound quality

Made of soft rubber material, comfortable to wear and easy to clean


This microphone is suitable for TT109 tour guide system transmitter
Universal 3.5mm standard plug
Flexible, adjustable headset angle
Comfortable and durable, made of high-quality materials
High-fidelity sound quality, clear and loud sound
Lightweight for easy storage and portability

Note: This headset is only compatible with the TT109 transmitter, not suit for other models of tour guide transmitters.


60 ports for receivers , 2 pcs fortransmitters, 58 pcs receivers

Suit for T130, TT110.TT101 

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch


Retekess 3.5mm Universal Headset for Tour guide system T130 T131, TT103 TT104,  TT105, TT109, TT101, TT102.


Disposable headset for retekess T131, T131S, TT122, TT109, TT110, TT101, TT104 ,TT116 wireless tour guide systems

The single-sided headset allows users to safely keep one ear open to surrounding activity while listening to audio

Can be worn in both the left and right ear, and is suitable for people with hearing loss in one ear

Thicker cable for durability; sleek and stylish appearance; earbuds fit comfortably

Cable length is 600mm/23.62in

Provides crystal clear sound

3.5 mm audio jack


48 ports for 2P cs fortransmitters and 48 pcs receivers

Suit for TT116, TT105, TT109,TT106,TT104, and TT122

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch