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Tour Guide System

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Economical tour guide system won't cost you a penny more

Crystal clear audio

Crystal clear audio

Advanced PLL technology ensures signal stability

Best tour guide system

Best tour guide system

Easy to use, portable, durable, multiple charging options

Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns

30-day no-reason return, 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support

Tour Guide System | Whisper Radios

Tour guide equipment is a tour guide microphone and speaker for wireless communications, that allow presenters to communicate clearly with visitors - without being affected by ambient noise or distance.

Tour guide system wireless is ideal for museums, factory tours, segway tours, attractions, and other applications that require clear, uninterrupted audio communication between the guide and the audience. With the audio tour guide equipment, guides don't have to yell or repeat themselves over background noise, tourists don't have to congregate next to the guide, and they are free to explore and move around.

Retekess tour guide system by Models

Tour guide microphone system is used to transmit audio from the presenter to the visitor, allowing clear communication between groups. The tour guide system equipment is ideal for tour guiding, plant tours, translation, and training. Tour guide whispers into a microphone and visitors easily hear through headphones.

Retekess tour guide system additional transmitters

The portable transmitter in the tour guide systems includes a microphone, charging cable and lanyard. The presenter of the group event speaks into the transmitter's microphone, and the audience listens through the receiver. A portable FM transmitter can be used with numerous audio receivers.

Retekess tour guide system additional receivers

The tour guide system receiver includes headphones, charging cable and lanyard, and these user-friendly accessories are comfortable and secure when worn. One team supports countless receivers, which you can purchase directly as needed.

Retekess tour guide system accessories

Retekess tour guide system 32-port, 40-port, 60-port, 64-port charging case, and other accessories such as microphone and headphones.

Retekess wireless guide system is portable, durable, and easy to use, which is a better way to provide tour guide service for your groups. The audio tour guide system is an ideal solution to communication problems over long distances and in noisy environments.

Below are the different models and different combinations of wireless audio tour guide systems, if you want to get a quick overview of the differences between the different models, click here to check by model.

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The TT109 museum audio guide system includes 2 transmitters, 58 receivers, and a 60-solt charging case

Transmitter standby 8 hours, receiver standby 18 hours

Transmission distance in open air up to 180m/590ft

2.4GHz, worldwide free license

One-click pairing of all receiver channels

Durable, drop-resistant wheeled trolley case

Pocket-sized, lightweight, easy to carry


360° rotating TT110 tour guide system transmitter microphone

The microphone on TT110 tour guide system transmitter is compatible with Retekess T130S, T130, TT122, TT125, TT116 and TT112.


With headset
Two-way intercom for group communication
One key mute
OLED display screen


2.4GHz public frequency band, available worldwide

The transmitter can work for 18 hours and the receiver can work for 80-100 hours

Excellent audio quality

Transmitter built-in microphone

Receiver volume adjustable

$567.59 $515.99

Allows main transmitter and vice transmitter to intercom bidirectional

Microphone sensitivity is adjustable

Communication range 280m/919ft

One-touch mute transmitter

Convenient auto-pairing

Durable charging case with charging contacts

This two-way system includes:
- 2  main transmitters (with headset)
- 43 vice transmitter (with headset)
- 1 45-slot charging case

$2,848.99 $2,599.99

UHF transmission and noise reduction technology

Replaceable rechargeable battery and easy to change

With dedicated advertising space

Working distance 200 m/656ft

Transmitter works 10h, receiver works 13h

Transmitter supports simultaneous use of microphone and AUX input

Transmitter can be connected to any number of receivers

$219.99 $169.99

Supports two transmitters working together in a team

Wireless ear hook receiver no need headphone

2.4GHz signal transmission, stable signal, crystal clear sound

32-port aluminum charging case is rugged and durable

Transmitter lasts 25 hours, receiver lasts 23 hours

Communication range up to 150m/492 ft

One button to turn off all connected receivers

TT106 tour guide audio systems include:

  • 2 transmitters (with lavalier mic)
  • 30 receivers
  • 1 32-port charging case
  • 2 free headset microphones
$1,383.62 $1,099.99

Easy to use, no complicated operation

Whisper radios with a range of up to 100m/328ft

Transmitters and receivers can work continuously for 20 hours

Supports MIC and AUX inputs

Rich user-friendly features

This whisper system kit includes:
- 4 transmitters (with mic)
- 60 receivers (with headphones)
- 1 64-slot charging case
- 4 free headset microphones

$2,099.99 $1,709.99

Transmission range up to 100m/328ft

Transmitter and receiver can work for 20 hrs

Transmitter with mute function

One-touch to auto pairing

One button to turn off all receivers

Support MIC and AUX input

The receiver is loud and adjustable in volume

$245.99 $192.99

TT109 digital tour guide system includes 2 transmitters, 38 receivers, and a 40-port charging case.

MIC jack can be used as an AUX jack to connect audio devices

Transmitter standby 8 hours; receiver standby 18 hours

Durable and drop-resistant trolley case with wheels

Supports adding as many receivers as you like

Automatic channel synchronization function

Transmission range up to 180 meters/590ft

Stable signal and crystal clear sound

Compact and light weight

50 channels


wireless transmission system supports 99 groups to operate simultaneously

PLL technology ensures signal stability and reduces noise

Best-selling and most cost-effective 

1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need

50 meters communication distances

Easy to set up and carry around

900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the transmitter, 12 hours last upon the full charge

600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the receiver; 18 hours last upon the full charge

$237.99 $184.99

FT11 transmitter supports 3 power levels with a maximum transmission distance of 100 meters

1 transmitter can be paired and work with multiple FM receivers

FT11 transmitter supports microphone, TF card, AUX line input

The transmitter can work continuously for 8 h; the receiver can work continuously for 12 h

$136.99 $113.99

UHF transmission has strong penetrating power and stable signal

The ear hook receiver is light and compact and can be used for both left and right ears

One key to shutting down all receivers

The transmission distance from the transmitter to receiver is up to 200 meters

Support MIC and the AUX input at the same time

Easy to use and set up

The transmitter can be charged for 5 hours and can work continuously for ten hours. The receiver needs to be charged for two hours and can work continuously for 8~9 hours.


TT122  audio tour guide system includes 2 TT122 transmitters, 30 TT122 receivers and 1 32-port charging case

One button to turn off all receivers without having to turn them off one by one

36 channels allow multiple groups to occupy the same area

Microphone jack can serve as an AUX jack to link audio devices

Aluminum charging case is durable and fire resistant

Transmitter can work 12 h, receiver can work 18 h

Automatic pairing and manual pairing

Easy to use, lightweight and portable

Operating range up to 492ft/150m

One-touch to mute transmitter

$1,149.99 $1,029.27

The TT122 simultaneous interpretation system equipment includes 1 transmitter, 15 receivers, and a 16-port charging base.

If you need other combination quantities, contact us to get

16-port USB charging cradle can charge 16 receivers and transmitters simultaneously (US/European/English plugs available). 

MIC jack can serve as an AUC jack to connect audio devices

Transmitter can work for 12 h, receiver can work for 18 h

2.4G translation system, free worldwide use

Working distance up to 492ft/150m

Transmitter mute function

Crystal clear sound

$539.99 $481.59

Crystal clear sound and easy setup

The working range of the transmitter is up to 100 m/328 ft

Translation device can run continuously for 20 hours

Receiver volume level from 0 to 9, freely adjustable

49 channels allow to set up groups in 49 different languages

One-key to mute transmitter allows translators to temporarily cut off the sound transmission

The T130S interpretation device is designed to help interpreters transmit clear translations. The system can be used in a variety of translation situations such as schools, parent-teacher conferences, churches, business meetings, and other multilingual events.


2.4G, global public channels, stable signal

Support two-speaker two way communication

Working range up to 492ft/150m

One-click channel synchronization function

Microphone jack supports 3. 5mm AUX audio input

TT105 transmitter can work with unlimited receivers

50 channels allow for 50 groups running in the same area

Transmitter works for 10 hours; receiver works for 12 hours


Open-air transmission distance up to 180 meters

One-click pairing of all receiver channels

2.4GHz signal transmission with stable sound quality

Transmitter and receiver can be hung on the neck, free your hands

Pocket size and light weight, easy to carry

$269.99 $229.99

Wireless ear-hook receiver requires no additional headphones

Durable, portable, and easy to use

Allows two transmitters to speak in one group

$520.99 $418.99

4 h fully charged, transmitter works for 18 h, receiver works for 80-100 h

2.4Ghz international public frequency band

Built-in microphone in the transmitter

Noise reduction and excellent audio quality

This whisper system includes:

-2 transmitter (with lavalier mic)

-30 receivers (with headphones)

-1 x 32-slot charging case

-2 x headset microphone

$1,099.99 $889.99