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TD021 signal amplifier for Retekess paging system and service calling system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater

$59.99 $39.99

Retekess TW103 is a dual way window speaker system, which allow the two people talk freely.

It made of aluminum alloy, it is very durable.

High quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone, the voice is realistic and clear

It is very easy to install, you can sticker the outside speaker on the wall or glass.

Speaker volume and microphone sensitivity can be adjusted

Inside and outside speaker can be turned off separately

$49.99 $39.99

Touch keyboard, comfortable to use, Pager surface content customizable, Pager reminder duration can be set separately, Power on automatically and support the one-click shutdown, Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable, The shape adopts the anti-symmetrical design, white simple and generous.


This wireless paging system support 998 pagers, Transmitter keypad with build-in 1000 mAH battery which last 4 hours, This calling system last for 10 hours, Mute function for the restaurant pager, One transmitter with 10 pagers,

$189.99 $165.99

Retekess TW101 window intercom system

Dual way intercom system, Volume adjustable, Easy to install and use, talk-through intercoms for Restaurants,ticket windows, bank counters and any other placed that need to talk trough glasses or physical barriers

$59.99 $49.99

TD172 Restaurant calling system with 20 pagers,

Touch keypad make it more waterproof

Support one button turn off

The range up to 400 meters

Two notice modes: Vibration+buzzer+flash, Vibration+flash

Support 998 pagers in total

One call to turn off all pagers

$199.99 $179.99

Used on hospital, clinic, Buit in 12V/23A battery, Long range and stable signal, Work with the long ranage in 200M, Make the patients' needs get a quick service.


Retekess T130 tour guide system support one transmitter work with hundreds of receivers at the same time. With the light weight and small size, stable and crystal clear audio quality, long range, multi-channel streaming and long time continuous usage, it could be used as communicate tool as well as simultaneous translation.


Waterproof, One-key design, Bulit-in 12V23A battery, Waterproof,stable signal and long range, Each call button comes with a long lanyard, Small size and light weight,easy to wear and use.


Retekess SU-68G-10 paging system support vibration, buzzer, vibration with buzzer suitable for different occasions; This working distance for the wireless calling system up to 500m in the open area,which can make you reach all customers or staffs across your restaurant; The pagers with smaller size for easy to carry; The paging system set has been pre-programmed, can use out of box with charging


The wireless window speaker system is made of aluminum alloy, the speaker is a 5W high-quality speaker, and the split microphone design makes the sound clear and loud. It supports a wireless microphone. This system is widely used in Bank, Securities Company, Hospital, Station etc, 


Geust Pager Keypad for T119 Transmission distance can reach up to 800 meters in open area; the Frequency is 433.92MHz; It can pair 999 numbers of pagers


TD015 smart queue calling system supports TV screen show (not included). It supports video, customized, and several keypad transmitters work at the same time. This is our new arrival for food court, clinic, hospital. When press, the customers will see the number on the screen.


Retekess TH101 caregiver pager system for taking care of patients or elderly at family or nursing home, give you more freedom. The receiver with 4 levels adjustable volume 52 varied style of ringtone for optional Range up to 80m in the open area Very easy to pair and use


Retekess TD122 wireless nurse call system SOS call buttons, Double screen display receiver, Nurse station receiver and signal amplifier, Could add 256 call buttons, Meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, personal clinics and assisted-living facilities