Training and Education

Tour Guide System for Training and Education

The training and education industry shoulders the responsibility of transferring knowledge, so effective and efficient transfer of information is particularly important. One-way tour guide systems and two-way tour guide systems are widely used in the training and education industries. For example classroom education, outdoor exploration education, skills training, horse riding training, factory training tours, archaeology training, etc.

Have you encountered such a problem?

When there is no tour guide system, the communication between various training and education industries is not smooth. Trainers often get some diseases due to overuse of the voice, and the experience of the lecturers is not good, and the questions need to be heard loudly. Especially for horse riding training, the environment is very open.

During the riding process, the trainer's words can hardly be heard by the students, which also increases the risk of learning to ride a horse. Therefore, the application of the tour guide system is particularly important.

How does tour guide system help training and education?

Tour guide systems are divided into one-way tour guide systems and two-way tour guide systems. In the process of factory tours and learning, two-way tour guide systems are usually more popular. Anyone wearing the device can talk. During the learning process, any questions can be timely. Put forward and get a timely answer. Moreover, half of the factory environment is relatively noisy, mixed with the sound of machines working, so the tour guide system can convey information to each other more clearly and efficiently, making the learning process easier and more enjoyable.

During horse riding training, you can choose to use a one-way or two-way tour guide system according to the situation. The coach's correct guidance affects the safety of the students. Correct and timely transmission of instructions can make the students learn faster and safer.


  • Promote academic exchange
  • Make learning easier
  • Improve training experience
  • Free from space constraints
  • Provide a better shopping experience

Training and education allow better dissemination of knowledge, and tour guide systems help learners get knowledge more easily and make learning easier. Retekess will continue to advance in the field of interpreters, develop better products, and help the education and training industry.

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