Two-Way Wirelesss Tour Guide Systems

Two-Way Wirelesss Tour Guide Systems

Two-Way Wirelesss Tour Guide Systems

The Retekess two-way tour systems are here! Two-way communication is a major breakthrough in tour guide equipment. Instead of just hearing the voice of the guide, visitors can also communicate with him or her, so check it out!

Components of the Two-Way Tour Systems

A transmitter, a vice transmitter (also known as a receiver), an open microphone with earpieces (for both hearing and talking), and a charging case. The presenter uses the transmitter, which has both one-way and two-way modes of presentation. The audience uses a receiver, which allows them to hear the speaker (the presenter or others in the same group), enabling full participation and more extensive interactive communication. Makes the whole journey more dynamic!

Applications for Two-Way Tour Systems

The 2-way intercom system performs even better in any venue where a tour guide system is appropriate.

retekess tt124 two-way tour systems for tour group and factory training

Tour groups. Why do we choose to have a trip? Very often it's to relax and have a good time. Getting involved is the only way to get an immersive experience. With the one-way output of a tour guide, tourists hear the same voice all the time and they will gradually become bored. Giving visitors the opportunity to speak and have a sense of presence is the best way to engage. The more voices the tour members hear during the tour, the closer they actually get to each other. It creates an atmosphere of a big family, and everyone gets to know each other more quickly. We will acquire a very rare friendship during the tour.

Training. Whether it's factory training or company conference training, interaction is really too important. The speaker, who is spreading knowledge, would prefer to receive affirmation from the people involved in the learning. For the employees involved in the training, when they have doubts, they want to be able to express them and get a response. This direct interactive communication is psychologically satisfying for both parties.

The advantages of a 2-way tour guide system are clear enough. Of course, there are many more features that are not explained in this article, so for more information, take a look at the Retekess TT126 two-way tour guide system!

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