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Retekess Wireless Products

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Retekess Wireless Calling system

Retekess is committed to the application of wireless communication technology. With more than ten years of unremitting efforts, we have developed a variety of products based on wireless communication technology. Based on high-quality products and services, Retekess has received a unanimous reputation in the market. Retekess has become and is recognized as one of the most reliable and cost-effective brands in the field of wireless calling systems and tour guide systems. 

Pager System

Retekess pager system is suitable for any place that needs to wait in line.
Customers have more space for activities without having to wait in line for a long time. Staff uses the system to remind customers in time, which is more convenient and efficient. Pager system improves the efficiency of your business, improves the service experience, and increases customer satisfaction. Choose the suitable system for your business from more than 20 models with different styles and features.

Push for Service

Retekess wireless calling system is suitable for most industries and environments where customers need to quickly cause the attention of staff, so that customer needs can be met promptly. The wireless calling system improves customer satisfaction, reduces labor costs, and increases profits. At the same time, it can be used for timely communication between staffs to improve work efficiency. View different forms of transmitters and receivers from here.

Tour Guide System

The tour guide system is suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities in quiet and noisy environments.
The tour guide system uses real-time transmission of audio signal technology to help people solve communication problems caused by many factors such as hearing, distance, and environment. Retekess's one-way and two-way communication devices make communication easier. A variety of neck-hook and ear-hook tour guide systems for your choice.

Window Speaker System

The window speaker provides clear communication when normal voice is affected by the glass, security screens, or other similar obstacles. Window speakers are easy to install, complete accessories, They have adjustable volume, and can communicate directly without pressing any buttons, improving communication efficiency while maintaining a safe distance. We provide a variety of half-duplex and full-duplex products to meet your needs.

FM Transmitter

The FM transmitter is also a mini radio station, you can use it to play multimedia audio and spread the sound very well. Retekess transmitters include handheld and stationary ones. And they have different power options to meet the different needs of customers for the transmission distance. In addition, the latest product TR510 uses the latest chip QN8007 to provide you with better sound quality.


Retekess also has stage monitoring systems, wireless guitar systems, Bluetooth microphones, and radios.