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T128 Wrist Watch Receiver with 10 Service Call Buttons for Restaurant Church

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Retekess T128 can support 999 channels, so you can buy as many buttons as you need

LED display, showing time,battery, date, singnal

bulid in DC3.7V rechargeable Li-poly battery, long standby time

Receiving sensitivity value can be -108dBm,stable singnal

2 work mode:Single key and multi-key

can set the key function buy yourself, area set and type set,number from 1-9,words from A-Z,a-z

Retekess T128 watch receiver with T117 call button with customize sticker

wireless calling system watch receiver service calling system with button.jpg

This watch concentrates the technology of wireless transportation, digital identify, dot matrix LCD display and microprocessor together to realize the functions of time display and wireless calling. It supports customize key content by yourself, so if the original key contact is not working for you. You can change it. So it is available for different areas, not only for restaurants and churches. The sticker on T117 call button can customize as well. You can contact us to check the detail. 

Wireless watch receiver for service calling system

1.Retekess T128 can support 999 channels, so you can buy as 500 call buttons as you need.

2.LED display, showing time,battery, date, signal; 

3.bulid in DC3.7V rechargeable Li-poly battery, long standby time;

4.long transmission distance can be 50m from the pager to watch receiver;

5.Receiving sensitivity value can be -108dBm,stable singnal;

6.2 work mode:Single key and multi-key;

7.can set the key function buy yourself, area set and type set,number from 1-9,words from A-Z,a-z

8. Prompt time adjustment from 0-15s

9. Removing calling record time setting from 0-99s

10. cycle time can be choose from 0-99s.

T117 Wireless call button

1.Four key function: Call; Cancel; Pay; Order; can meet varied needs; import use for restaurant; coffee shop nightclubs spas and salons club nursery church; good choice for waiting guests, caregivers elderly Strong anti interference; 

2.the working chip adopts learning code; not garbled; 

3.more stable signal Sturdy material, resistant to falling; 

4.pager uses quality ABS engineering plastic material; 

5.more durable Long working distance;

6.the maximum working distance up to 200 meters in the open area


F9420B with table call button display host receiver.jpgF9420B wireless calling system wrist watch table call button.jpgtable call and kitchen call.jpg

Application : 

wireless calling system application pagers.jpg

Please fill in your procurement needs and contact information

wireless service watch receiver

Working voltage: DC3.7V rechargeable Li-poly battery

Working frequency: 433.92MHz

Working current: 57mA±10mA (buzzer mode)

95mA±10mA (vibration mode)

Standby current: <8mA

Power-off current: 180±5μA

Receiving sensitivity: -108dBm

Decoding: learning code

Modulation: AM



call button specificatispecifications

Small, low current draw

RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation mode: ASK (AM)

Working chip: learning code

Power: 2pcs 3V CR2016 battery (included)

Working current: 17mA

Emission distance: 200 meters (open area)

Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius

Size: 64 x 61 x 15mm / 2.5 x 2.4 x 0.6 in

Weight: 27g / 1oz

Has sticker, can be fixed on the table

Four key: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order

Package Includes:

  • 1 USB Cable 

  • 1 x Watch Receiver

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 10x Call Button

Package setps retekess 800 restaurant pagers.jpg

Q: Can I set 3 T128 watches with pager?

A: Yes, you can pair one call button with more than 3 pagers as you want. 

Q: How well does this work through windows and doors?

A: It can reach 200m/656 ft in the open area. So if with the windows and doors, it will influence, if you worry about the range later, you can choose the TD021 signal amplifier.

Q: Can I use 3 watch with 15 call in same time ? if someone push CALL, all 3 watch show calling ?

A: Yes, you just pair the call button with the 3 watches, so when you call, all the watches you pair with the call button will show calling. 

Q: Can I Get separate watches?

A: Sure, you can check this T128, here is the link:

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