Retekess TD033 3-key Restaurant Servers Calling Button for Casual Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts

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Three-key call buttons: Call, Pay & Cancel, to meet various service calling needs in restaurants

Capacitive touch buttons make it effortless to operate and permit more sensitive operation.

The scratch-resistant tempered glass panel offers long service life and greater wear resistance.

Life waterproofing makes it adaptable to various usage scenarios.

Size: 70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch

By enabling customers to call for service, service satisfaction can be improved, and service quality can be optimized.

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Features of Retekess TD033 Three-key Restaurant Call Bell:

Two-key series call buttons to meet the service calling needs in restaurants

3 function keys- CALL, PAY & CANCEL

It is convenient for customers to call for service or cancel.

The watch or screen receiver will receive the corresponding signal, and the waiter will know what kind of service the customer wants

Simple to Use

Capacitive Touch Buttons offer heightened sensitivity during operation.

Extended Durability

The tempered Glass Panel is Scratch-Resistant and more resistant to wear.

Life Waterproof and suited for a variety of purposes

Versatile usage in multiple scenarios, given its waterproofing properties.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction by offering Convenient Service calls and optimizing the Quality of Service.


Must be used with a watch or screen receiver. Only the button transmitter cannot form a paging system so that it cannot be used alone.


Restaurants, hotels, restorts and cafes

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TD033 Restaurant Call Bell

Operating frequency 433MHz
Wireless coding 1527
Operating voltage DC12V (battery 23A12V)
Indicator light red
Range 80m/262ft (open area)
Size 70*70*16mm/2.76*2.76*0.63inch
Key Name Three buttons-CALL, PAY & CANCEL
Color options Black

Package Includes:

5/10/20/30/50 x buttons (Quantity optional)

Together with the same number of stickers and boxes as buttons

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