Retekess TD032 Silicone IP55 Waterproof Series Call Buttons for Restaurants,Hotels,SPA

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IP55 waterproof design to prevent oil and water invasion.

Use in humid environments, suitable for restaurants, bars, hot pots, etc.

Built-in silicone pad button design, silicone integrated button, feel comfortable

80M outdoors effective call distance - long distance, able to cover a variety of usage scenarios

Support lanyard, wall hanging, can meet the restaurant call order, checkout, water service

1/2/3/4 serialized buttons, which can meet the needs of multiple scenarios

Note: It can be used only after pairing and registration with the receiver, and the call button cannot be used alone

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Retekess TD032 Silicone IP55 Waterproof Call Button for Restaurants, Bars, Swimming Pools, and Beaches

Why do you need a call button with waterproof function:

  1. 1. The iced drinks or beer on the table in the restaurant are prone to water stains or the customer's tea is poured over, causing the pager to fail. The hands of the car wash shop employees have water stains, and the water stains invade the pager when calling
  2. 2. Open-air bars, rain or thawing of wine will cause water damage, swimming pool rest area needs waterproof function in a humid environment
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IP55 Waterproof

Only supports water flushing, not soaking in water

80M Outdoor Effective Call Distance

Compair to T117, another model of Retekess call button, TD032 can transmitter the siganl up to 80 meters

Two Ways to Place

Lanyard for hanging; Stickers that can be stuck on the table

Customized Service

Offer customized service, minimum batch of 200 buttons. If you need, please contact us at

Use with Retekess Other Receivers

Can be used with these receivers:

*Notice: Buttons with only one call function cannot be paired with T128

Receiver Models 50M 80M 100M 150M 200M 250M
*T128 Watch Receiver Y
TD108 Watch Receiver Y Y Y
TD110 Watch Receiver Y Y Y
TD112 Watch Receiver Y Y Y Y Y
T114 Display Receiver Y Y Y
TD105 Display Receiver Y Y Y Y Y Y
TD124 Display Receiver Y Y Y
TD136 Display Receiver Y Y Y Y


application of td032 silicone waterproof call button

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TD032 Waterproof Call Button Silicone Pad

Working frequency 433MHz AM
Coding method EV1527
Transmission power 0.05W
Sensitivity 19db
Indicator light Red
Press keys 1/2/3/4 independent physical keys
Battery 23A 12V
Working voltage 12V
Waterproof IP55
Transmission distance  > 80m (visible in open space)

Q: What craft is the logo? After a period of use, whether the logo wears out and the words are not visible?

A: Screen printing process, there is a curing agent so that no need to worry logo being worn out.

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