TR509 FM Transmitter Broadcast Station For Drive in Service

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TR509 FM Transmitter is approved by FCC and IC

Long range transmitter with stable signal transmission

Stereo audio mode and accept speak and audio input at the same time

Works well with mixer board

FM transmitter for drive in church service, theater, factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, light show and create your own radio station

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Retekess TR509 FM transmitter is the upgrade model of TR508. Compared with TR508 broadcast transmitter, the TR509 has higher power and longer range.

The broadcast transmitter is super easy to install and operate. It is used by coming out of a P. A. System or out of a device such as a phone or laptop. It takes the music or spoken word from your device or P.A. system and sends it for anyone to listen on their radio in their car or home. However, that person has to be sitting within the transmission range of the transmitter and use the same frequency. 

The FM transmitter works well for a light display with music playing, drive-in church service, drive-in cinema, drive-in Bingo and many other drive-in services, shopping mall broadcast, conference, etc.

Key Features

Durable and easy to install and operate

Stereo audio mode

Long range transmitter with stable signal transmission and crystal clear sound

Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )

3.5mm Aux input and Mic input at the same time and volume are controlled by separated buttons

Removable antenna and you can replace a remote antenna to improve the broadcasting effect

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TR509 FM Broadcast Transmitter Specification:

Working voltage: 11~13V DC(Rated voltage 12 v)

Working current: 1.67A

Frequency stability: ±10PPM

Stepped frequency: 100KHz

The operating temperature of the environment: -10℃~50℃

Output impedance: 50Ω

Harmonic and noise radiation: ≤-60dB

1Audio distortion: <0.30%

Frequency response: 50HZ~15000HZ

Preemphasis delay: 75us

Degree of separation: ≥35 dB

Input level: ≤15 dBV

Modulation frequency deviation: ±75KHZ

SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio): ≥60 dB

Item Dimensions: 128 (L) x 95 (W) x 55 (H) mm

Weight: body 479g(include antenna)

  • Package Content:
  • 1*TR509 Transmitter

    1* TNC Antenna

    1* 3.5mm Audio Cable

    1* Power Adapter (US, EU, UK standard options)

    1* User Manual

Q: How to do you switch between the audio and the microphone inputs?

A: Both inputs are live at the same time with separate volume controls. There is no switch that turns one off and the other on.

Q: Is this a stereo transmitter

A: Yes, the signal is stereo when the source audio is stereo.

Q: Can I use it for the drive-in church in the parking lot?

A: Yes, you can. The TR509 FM transmitter works well with the mixer board, long range with stable signal

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