TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station

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TR510 FM Transmitter use the latest chip QN8007 to produce the more stable

signal with NO noise

Broadcast radio station with the frequency of 76-108Mhz, and allows you preset 3

frequencies for convenience to use

Multi-input ways: USB flash drive, Bluetooth, Aux, and Mic

Adopts CPU microprocessor, can preset and memorize frequency, LCD display

Compared with Retekess TR508 FM transmitter, Retekess TR510 stationary FM transmitter has the following advantages

The new arrival TR510 FM transmitter use the latest chip QN8007 to produce a more stable signal, and there's no noise produced while transmitting

Add Bluetooth (the range is more than 10m), a USB flash drive and 2 Mic Jacks input options to make the FM transmitter more convenient to use for a

wide of applications. And the RCA AUX connection to produce a better sound quality

The user can preset 3 frequencies to the FM transmitter according to the exact needs, and switch the frequencies only by pressing the corresponding

channel button

long-range FM transmitter, and the broadcast frequency range is 76-108MHz

The materials of the TR510 FM transmitter are more durable and have a better appearance, the entire production process has been upgraded than other

models of FM broadcast

In addition to the above advantages, the TR510 FM transmitter radio station also has the basic functions below

Connect PC, Mixer, Phone, Mic and many other audio devices with the FM transmitter to broadcast audios and speaks 

Audio and Mic volumes could be adjusted separately for the TR510 FM radio station

The FM radio station is compatible with all portable FM radios and car radios

You can set the FM transmitter to play audios in sequence or loop

Super easy to set up and use

Based on the stable signal, easy-to-use, no noise produced while transmitting, and good sound quality features, the TR510 FM transmitter is

ideal for churches, farms, supermarkets, theaters, cinemas, universities, schools, conferences, and many other drive-in events


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The Specification of TR510 Broadcast Transmitter

Working voltage: DC 12V±10%, 1A

Frequency response:≤±1.5dB(100Hz~10KHz)

Frequency Range: 76-108MHz

Audio input level: 0dBm/600Ω(unbalanced)

Frequency error:≤1KHz

RDS encoding method: DPSK

RDS subcarrier frequency: 57KHz±6Hz

Maximum frequency deviation:±75KHz

RDS frequency deviation:± 2.4KHz

Pre-emphasis: 50μS/70μS

Audio output amplitude: 2000mVpp

Audio total harmonic distortion:≤1%

Playable Audio format: MP3、WAV、APE、WMA

Signal-to-noise ratio:≥55dB

Working temperature:-25℃~+45℃

Residual wave radiation:<60dB 

Antenna Type: SMA

Standard Accessories:
1*TR510 Transmitter
1* TNC Antenna
1* AUX cable
1*User Manual

Q: Can the FM Transmitter switch between stereo mode and mono mode?

A: Yes. TR510 Transmitter can switch between stereo audio mode and mono audio mode, and you can switch channels according to your needs

Q: Can I use the radio station for the drive-in church in the parking lot?

A: Yes, you can. The TR510 FM transmitter works well with the mixer board

Q: How many microphone jacks does the TR510 broadcast transmitter have?

A: TR510 FM transmitter is designed with 2 microphone jacks, and two users can use the microphones to speak at the same time. So maybe it can also be

used in meetings

Q: Can I use a wireless Mic with the FM transmitter?

A: Yes, you can, the connection of the mic is 6.5mm

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