Retekess TT103 Church Translation System Assistive Listening with Carry Case

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Advanced PLL technology reduces noise and improves sound quality

The wireless transmitter works up to 140 m/460 ft

The transmitter works for 12 hours, the receiver works for 14 hours

An easy-to-use church translation system

Transmitter with mute function

Supports MIC input and AUX input

TT103 translation equipment for church

Lightweight carry case

The translation system for churches comes with a 48-position carrying case that can hold up to 48 units and their charging cables, microphones and headphones. The bag is reinforced around the perimeter, and the inside is soft foam to protect against drops and bumps to a certain extent.

One-to-many mode

One transmitter can work with multiple receivers, if your congregation grows in size you can purchase additional TT104 receivers to use with TT103 transmitters, for separate TT104 receivers click here to check it out.

One-button operation

This simultaneous interpretation equipment supports one-button automatic pairing and one-button shutdown. Before the service starts, you can easily synchronize the transmitter and receiver channels without having to adjust the channels of the equipment one by one; after the event is over, you can keep pressing the left button of the transmitter for about 5 seconds until the screen starts flashing, at which point all receivers are forced to turn off.

Receiver with adjustable volume

The wireless receiver has 10 levels of volume and the congregation can select the right volume by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons. Even if you are an aging church, the receiver that supports free volume adjustment will allow your members to hear every word clearly.

A long-range church translation system

TT103 portable interpretation device can transmit up to 140m (460ft) in an open area, the congregation can hear clearly within 140m from the interpreter, so if your congregation is large or the sermon venue is large, you don't have to worry that some of the believers can't hear the voice.

long range tour guide radio systems                                              retekess tt103 transmitter with mute function                                                  retekess tt103 tour guide system with AUX jack

Transmitter with mute function

Click the right button of the transmitter to turn on the mute, the receiver will not hear any sound from the transmitter. When the interpreter does not want to say something irrelevant to the listener, he can cut off the sound transmission with the congregation. Turning on the sound transmission is also easy, and clicking the right button of the transmitter again will restore the normal sound transmission.

AUX input support

TT103 church translation equipment has 1 MIC port in addition to 1 AUX port, you can use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect the transmitter and smartphone, mp3, mixing board, and other audio devices, and then play voice files or music to the congregation.

Long working time

The portable transmitter has a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 12 hours continuously when fully charged, and the wireless receiver has a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 14 hours continuously when fully charged, so you don't need to charge it frequently.

Pocket-sized tour guide system

Portable design, small and light, you won't feel heavy when you put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck, and it is easy to carry, one person can easily carry the whole set of equipment needed for a group.

Support for setting up 200 groups

TT103 church translation system has 200 channels, which means you can set up to 200 groups with different channels in the same church without interfering with each other, and it adopts a phase-locked loop synthesis design for frequency stability.

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TT103 Transmitter
Frequency 740-790MHz
channel  200 channels
SNR ≥70dB
Distortion rate ≤ 0.2%
Power supply  Built-in 1300mAh lithium battery
Working hours About 12 hours
Charging method Mini USB DC 5V connector
Transmission distance Approximately 140 meters (460 feet)
Size 98 x 63 x 17mm/3.9 x 2.5 x 0.7in
Weight 75g / 0.16lb

TT104 Receiver

Frequency  740-790MHz
channel 200 channels
SNR ≥70dB
Distortion rate ≤ 0.2%
Power supply Built-in 1300mAh lithium battery
Working hours About 14 hours
Charging method Mini USB DC 5V connector
Transmission distance Approximately 140 meters (460 feet)
Size 85x50x18mm/3.3x2x0.7in
Weight 54g/0.12lb
  • Carry Bag
  • Material:
Nylon cloth wrapped with EVA
  • Size:
370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch
  • Weight

Package includes

package-of-tt103-kit 1 / 2 x transmitter
20 / 30 / 48 x receiver
1 / 2  x Lavalier microphone 
20 / 30 / 48 x Single earphone
21 / 32 / 50 x Charging cable
21 / 32 / 50  x Lanyard
1 x  carry case

Q: I want 2 transmitters 10 receivers and 1 carry bag set, but there is no this set how to do?
A: If you have not found the number of combinations you want on our website, just contact us, and a patient customer service representative will tell you how you should order.

Q: Is there a delay in hearing the sound?
A: There is no delay in the communication of the TT103 church translation system, and listeners can receive audio in real-time.

Q: I don't want the included single-sided headphones, can the headphones that come with the receiver be replaced with the TT003 headphones?
A: Of course, it can be replaced, the TT003 headset is suitable for this receiver, you just need to contact us when you place your order. Since the TT003 headset costs more, you will need to pay a small difference in price.

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