Ordering system



  • Improve working effective
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance restaurant image

What is ordering system

It is widely use in the business where need to make order in store. For busy restaurant and bar, it needs speed function for quick order input and quick check out. The quicker you are able to process the transaction , the happier your customer will be. So you are deserve to have one ordering system. Once you used the ordering system, it will enhance your restaurant image, improve working effective and reduce the ordering mistake, such as record the wrong food for customer. Besides, people can put another thermal printer in the kitchen, chef will get the same ticket to make food at once.

Using subject


Order and print for customer


Print for chefs to make food once customer made order


The order system consist of touching all-in-one machine, software and thermal printer. You can ut one All-in-one machine and one thermal printer in the counter, connecteach other and put the other thermal printer in the kitchen. Process the order quickly once customer comes to order. There are 2 screens, customer can see clearly all details on one screen. Once customer confirmes his order, thermal printer will print order, one bill to customer and the other bill for chef. Quick order, best service. No need to wait for a long time.

Custom Solutions


  • Enhance restaurant image
  • Order with professional equipment, customers will see the modern device rather than traditional handwritten.
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Order and type use machine, much faster than handwritten, customer will order quickly. If put a print machine in kitchen, chef will know immediately without waiting service to give the list.
  • Reduce the mistake on order food
  • Order and type using the professional equipment, no card, no handwritten, no mistake. Customer will see clear when type and print the order list.
  • Increase revenue and profit
  • All the benefits will bring big success for your restaurant business, increasing revenue and profits.


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