What is a Guest Paging System?

The guest paging system adopts advanced wireless technology to make the counter connect with the customer. It is widely used in places where need to queue, especially in burger shops, fried chicken shops, food trucks, drink shops, and other fast-food stores.

The guest paging system allows you easily manage and handle the queue flow, creating a more inviting service atmosphere. It will improve working efficiency, reduce the service staff as well as save the cost of the service area, and improve customer's satisfaction.


Guest paging system consists of one keyboard transmitter and pagers (10pcs,20pcs, 30pcs 40pcs). Each pager should have one unique number. Once a customer comes to order, you need to give one-pager to him and take down the number. Then the customer can hang around near the shop within working distance. He can do the things that he likes, such as reading, resting, surfing on the net, and so on. When the order is ready, you need to press the corresponding number to call him. The pager will get the signal to vibration, flash, beeper to remind the customer. Once he gets the signal, he can go to get his order. He needs to give the pager to you, and you just need to put the pager in or on the keyboard transmitter to wait for the next customer.


  • Create pleasant environment
  • Enhance restaurant image
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Reduce cost for service stuff
  • Improve productivity and revenue
  • Lose the crowds, keep the business

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