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Retekess TR105 AM FM Shortwave Airband Pocket Radio with Sleep Timer

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TR105 small radio is well designed and built versatile portable; 6 band pocket radio: FM, AM, SW, CB, AIR, VHF-N/VHF-W; 50 memory presets, manual and automatic search option; 0-33 levels of volume adjustable; Support Mono and Stereo; 10-90 minutes sleep timer function; Comes with external antenna

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Retekess TR105 airband, am, fm, shortwave, CB world-band small radio is the great gift for the traveler, preppers, late-night radio listeners, Ham radio operators

Mini Size Pocket Radio: The size is 100x60x15mm, it much smaller but a bit thicker than an iPhone, the weight is 178g, convenient to carry outside. And it has high reception sensitivity.

Simple and Friendly Design: The on/off, key lock and headset jack are on TOP so that you don't have to remove the radio from your pocket to use those functions


6 Band Options and Easy to Exchange:

AM: 520-1720KHz (9KHz/10KHz Step)

FM: 87.5-108MHz (100KHz Step)

SW: 2.3-30MHz  (5KMHz Step)

CB: 25-28MHz   (5KHz Step)

VHF: 30-223(FM-N/FM-W)  (5KHz Step)

AIR:118-138MHz (5KHz/25KHz Step)

Portable Radio with 50 Memory Presets: you could preset the radio stations which you like by manual or automatic search option, easy to set and find out the station that you want to listen.

Radio with Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock Function: For someone who likes to fall asleep at night listening to the radio, this little unit fits the bill. It has a built-in 24-hour clock and stopwatch with an orange backlight, it could also work as an alarm clock. And a sleep timer with 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20,and 10 minute settings

Key Lock Function: The lock switch can be operated to prevent accidental 'button pushes'.

Seven Section Telescopic Antenna to Make the Better Reception:

When listening to FM, SW, CB, AIR and VHF band, you could pull out the radio antenna apart to facilitate radio signal reception.

3.5mm Earphone Jack and 33 Levels of Volume Sound: The am/fm radio comes with the earphone (2 extra earbuds provided), also you could use your standard 3.5mm earphone to listen to the radio. Gives you more option to enjoy the stations that you like.

Rechargeable Radio: Built-in 700mAh 3.7v lithium battery and comes with USB charging cable, easy to charge and no extra cost of the AA/AAA batteries. 

3 Meters External Soft Antenna: Connect it to boost the SW signal strengthtr105-radio-with-extended-antenna-.jpg


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Technical index

Frequency range

Receiving sensitivity

FM: 87.5-108MHz (100KHz STEP)


AM: 520-1720KHz (9KHZ/10KHZ STEP)


SW: 2.3-30MHz (5KHZ STEP)


CB: 25-28MHz (5KHZ STEP)

1uV    SQ:1UV

AIR:118-138MHz (5KHZ/25KHZ STEP)

2uV    SQ:1UV

VHF:30-223(FM-N/FM-W) (5KHZ STEP)


Product size: 100x60x15mm

Speaker: Φ40MM 8Ω 1W

Battery: 700mAh 3.7v lithium battery

External power supply:DC5V

Minimum operating voltage: 2V

Maximum current: >180mA

Stereo separation: ≥32DB

The distortion degree of: ≤0.5%

output power: ≤200MW

External earplug: Φ3.5MM/32ΩX2

Package Includes:

1* TR105 FM Radio

1*User Manual

1* 3 meter antenna

1* Charging line



Q: Does radio come with AC adapter?

A: No, but if you need it, please let us know while placing the order, the extra cost is USD3

Q: How about the reception of the AM stations?

A: The clarity of course will depend on several conditions. Local stations are very clear. Fading may occur on distant stations

Q: How to become a dealer of Retekess Radios?

A: Please email us at support@retekess.com to request more details. 

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