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Merry Christmas! A Special Blessing for the New Year 2021

Merry Christmas! A Special Blessing for the New Year 2021

Merry Christmas! A Special Blessing for the New Year 2021

Merry Christmas!

This time of year is the perfect time to reflect and show appreciation. Christmas is a time of giving, I want to give my love to everyone. I am truly grateful for all of Retekess users, dealers, and distributors that have and continue to support Retekess for a long time. Honestly, we could never have done it without you all.

In 2020, many things happened, and we are shocked at the first of 2020. The pandemic makes everyone living in panic. We stay at home for about 1.5 months and watching the cases every day through the phone. The restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, clinics, and so on. Our lives are in a hard situation. Retekess company starts to work in March. All the employees are wearing masks all day. We can not talk too much in the office, there is no laugh, no talk, but only with the sound that typing the works on the keypads. Everyone knows that we need to do our best for all the Retekess customers. Because recently, people also need to keep a safe distance. For the wireless guest paging system, FM transmitter, and window speaker system. The drive-in church, drive-in movies, even drive-in funeral are popular. People find Retekess items can be used in . In the during 3 months, many of Retekess products, which adopt wireless communication technology is booming. We are also happy that Retekess can help you in the special year. No matter they are used in your lives or business. We are always here to stand you back. We also sell some masks at a friendship price to one of Retekess customers, hoping that they can stay safe.

9 months passed, the situation in many countries going to better. Especially in Dec. 2020. Most of the businesses are resurrected, so many partners and dealers start to stock for the new year. This is a good sign. In the next few months, hoping that the tour agent can also suffer a little and restart their business. If you still need the tour guide system, pls feel free to email us at support@retekess.com. We will do our best for you.

Christmas is coming, Retekess bless you for staying healthy and being healthy in 2021.

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