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How to Set T128 Key Function Area Set and Type Set

LCD Display; Watch Receiver use dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity;Long Range; the max range of the buttons to receiver can be 200m at open area in theory; with fast delete function, can delete single or all calling information by one buttonRechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver  ...

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How to use the Key Function of the T128 watch receiver

Retekess T128 smartwatch receiver key function is a very useful function to set the Area and define the service types. It makes possible to use in a variety of industries like restaurants, hospital, bank, factories and many companies.  ...

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How to set one pager working with one more keypad transmitters?

Many of Retekess guest calling systems support more than one keyboard transmitters to call one same pager. It allows the staff from different areas to call the same guest if needed. You could learn the setting method of Retekess T111, T112, SU-68G-10, and T119 paging systems.  ...

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Retekess T116 Paging System Functions and How To Use Them

Retekess guest paging system has the necessary functions, range up to 300m indoor, and 4 prompt modes, one-key-off all the pagers. The T116 paging system is very popular used in coffee shops and restaurants.  ...

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