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Category Archives :FM Transmitter and Radio Receiver

Enhancing Learning Experiences with the FT11 V112 Portable Translation Equipment

FT11 V112: Transforming education with portable translation. From dynamic classrooms to immersive campus tours, it bridges language gaps, revolutionizing learning experiences for a connected, engaged future  ...

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Unleashing the Power of FM Transmitters: A Gateway to Wireless Audio

This article mainly talks about what is an FM transmitter, the applications and advantages of FM transmitters  ...

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Discover the Best Silent Party Headphones

TA003 silent party headphones create a unique and immersive listening experience for participants, allowing them to choose their preferred audio source and adjust the volume according to their preferences. It is often used at outdoor festivals, silent discos, or silent workout classes.  ...

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FM System for Classrooms Assistive Listening

Overcoming the challenges of distance, background noise, and reverberation, FM systems for classrooms are used in school auditoriums, academic conferences, and outdoor classrooms to ensure that every student receives clear sound from the instructor.  ...

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How to choose Christmas gift from Retekess?

It is the best time to buy the Chirstmas gift for your family and friends. Retekess has variety products you can choose, visit to check the products and email us at to get more information.  ...

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Why Buy a Wireless Tour Guide System

With a wireless guide system, tour groups can stay away from the noise, be well protected from epidemics, and avoid crowding.  ...

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Wireless FM Transmitter for Drive-in Church Service

During covid-19, the use of wireless FM transmitters can safely conduct religious activities and believers can listen to sermons in their cars.  ...

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Retekess Portable FM Transmitter Tour Guide

Retekess FT11 FM transmitter can use as the tour guide due to the long working range, high quality of sound, and ease to use and operation. If you want to get one FM tour fuide system for your business, pls email us at  ...

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How Transmitters and Headphones Work Together

FM transmitters' work with headphones receivers has become very popular in the Covie-19 environment, not only to meet people's spiritual needs but also to improve the overall operational efficiency of the industry.  ...

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Why Choose TA005 TV Headset System

The TA005 TV headset has stereo sound quality, and no delay in the received audio and images, bringing you a cinema viewing experience.  ...

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