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Tag Archives :FM Transmitter

What Makes TR510 FM Broadcast FM Transmitter Special?

Retekess TR510 FM broadcast system is our new arrival, we studied it since 2020 years, and listed it this month. We focus on technology, working range, and sound quality. So it is our best FM transmitter now. If you want to know more, pls email us at  ...

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What can we do with a FM Transmitter?

FM transmitter is widely used in our daily life and work. Hobby broadcaster uses the FM transmitter to build the FM stations to listen to their favorite music while working on a farm or at home and also make sure the safety of the community members. Many companies or schools use mini stationary FM transmitters as conference and listening classes audio equipment. Also, the FM transmitter could be used for DIY Christmas lights show, marketing broadcast and many competitions outdoors.  ...

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Why should you choose the TR510 FM transmitter?

Retekess New FM transmitter TR510 has a fashion design. This item is different from other FM transmitters, it is very thin. And it uses the latest chip, so the sound quality is fabulous, it is the best FM transmitter for drive-in movies and transmit music. Please check the blog with other functions. If any, feel free to email us at  ...

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What can you do with the TR510 FM transmitter?

What can you use with the TR510 FM transmitter? It can be used for drive-in church, drive-in movies, translation, Christmas shows. Do you have any better idea about how to use the TR510 FM transmitter? Feel free to email us at  ...

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Do you need the outside antenna for your TR501 & TR508 FM transmitter?

Retekess TR501 FM transmitter and TR508 FM transmitter with small antenna, if you want to use the outside one, you can use TR502's Antenna. Feel free to contact us if you need the antenna.  ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose TR508 FM Transmitter for Drive-in Service

FM transmitter for drive in services is a huge demand during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially for drive-in church, drive-in movie and drive-in events and school drive-in graduation. FCC part 15 compliant FM transmitter will be the great choice for these usages.  ...

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Why the FM transmitter induces a hum noise and how to reduce it?

Retekess FM transmitter are widely used in drive-in church service, outdoor movie theater, and funeral services due to the Corona. There are a few factors may cause the FM transmitter induces hum noise. We could solve the issue according to the solutions mentioned in the article.  ...

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New arrival TR507 FM broadcast transmitter for Drive in Service

In order to fit more peoples need. Retekess develop one new FM transmitter for Church and movie theater. TR507 long range FM transmitter has bluetooth function. It is very easy to cooperate. If any questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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What is the difference between TR501 and TR502 FM Broadcast Transmitter?

You may have a problem to choose the TR501 and TR502 Fm transmitter, if any doubts, please check this blog. If you still have any questions about the fm transmitter, feel free to email us at  ...

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How to make your FM Broadcast Transmitter​ works in a longer range?

TR502 FM transmitter is the complete solution for a community or church radio station transmitter, you could make the broadcast transmitter works in a better range along with the suggestions.  ...

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