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Can 2 Guides Talk in the One Group When Using Retekess Tour Guide System?

Retekess has several types of tour guide systems, but we only have 2 types of support 2 guides talk in one group at the same time. Which one should I choose for my own business? Pls email us to get more details: support@retekess.com  ...

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What accessories do Retekess have for the Tour guide system?

For the tour guide system, people may need different accessories according to the usage. You may not see many options on our website. But we have it, feel free to check this blog and email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Can you use the tour guide transmitter as an audio device?

Retekess tour guide system, the transmitter supports audio function, which you can connect your phone or pc to play music or other audio if you need, for TT103 and T130, you can talk and play at the same time. Which is really helpful for you.  ...

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