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What FM Receiver Can Use for the FM Broadcast Transmitter?

What FM Receiver Can Use for the FM Broadcast Transmitter?

What FM Receiver Can Use for the FM Broadcast Transmitter?

 No one will forget this year. Forced to close amid lockdowns, many are rethinking and redesigning their businesses, lifestyle, church service type - and their experiences - to survive the pandemic. For many churches, they choose the drive-in church services, using the FM broadcast transmittters to do the church service. If you want to know more about the Retekess FM transmitters, pls Click here. 

But how to choose the FM radio receiver to get the signal in the working range of the FM broadcast transmitter?

Retekess sell FM radio receiver for about 12 more years, we sold hundreds of types at first, most of them are using it for home, training, teaching, and so on. During these years, we got many reviews and feedback about the FM radio, and our engineers are developing the features, functions of the FM radio, So recently, we left 45 types in all. All of them are with good features. 

Top 3 popular FM radio receiver, the most popular type of Retekess is V115, the frequency is87-108MHz.  we sell millions of units in one year and the data keeps increasing. Let us check the features of the FM radio:

  • 100 Radio presets
    Adjustable LCD backlight
    Multi-band radio with a headphone jack
    Built-in three languages: Chinese, English, Spanish; default language is English
    9k/10k selectable for AM tuning increment: the default AM tuning increment is 10 KHz
    Sleep timer: shuts off automatically after specified times(00-05...85-90 min)
    3.5mm AUX input: connect the external audio equipment

The Second type is PR13, which frequency is 60-108MHz

  • Large LCD screen
    Powered by 2 AAA battery
    mono and stereo fantastic
    5-Key Direct Tuning Preset Memory
    Offer international time 24-hour clock
    DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology
    Built-in double 16-bit mirror converter with low audio distortion output
    The supplied earphone can be used as FM antenna

The last type is TR604, which FM frequency is 87-108MHz

  • Portable AM FM Radio
    Long antenna, stable signal
    3.5mm earphone jack supports FM radio 
    Power supply by 3 x D batteries (not included) or AC 110V input

These are 3 types of Retekess radio, all of them can work with the FM broadcast transmitters together. You can choose it by yourself. Or if you want to be our dealers or reseller, pls feel free to email us at support@retekess.com. Our team are here wating for your message and hope that we have the chance to cooperate in the near future.

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