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Banks Talk Through Windows speaker

Banks Talk Through Windows speaker

Banks Talk Through Windows speaker

As we all know, two way intercom system is a must for banks. All the banks need the window speaker to serve the customers.

Especially at this moment, all the people talk with the masks, and it is more hard for the staff hear. So a good quantity window speaker is neccessary.

Banks are high-security places and need a highly secure bank intercom speaker system to ensure safe communication between staff and customers. This is to deal with transactions and customer rquests everyday. But they also need to be safe and secure in their job, as banks can be a hotspot of robbery and anti-social behaviour. This is why a bank window intercom speaker system, such as the high quality sound, can be a very useful addition to your communicateions. You can record the communication clearly and protect your voice

And if you want to hear more clearly, you can use the headset speaker with the system, so other co-works won;t hear it and it will make the place more efficient.

How to install the window speaker?

Bank intercom speaker windows are very easy to install, as it has the speaker for the staff side and speaker for the customer side. Only two parts, you just plug the staff side with the power to turn it on. And make a whole on the window, it is about 3cm, it will be good enough to get throug the window. Then you can use some hardware to fix the outside speaker cables. Then you are able to work with them.

This will make the conversation more easy and safe. People don’t need to yell to the staff and staff don’t need to yell back.

If you still have any concerns about this window intercom speaker, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.


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