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Category Archives :Guest Paging System

New Arrival TD175 Restaurant Pager

TD175 restaurant pager is a new arrival model. It is a black color, with a 7 notice model, and the notice time is adjustable. Every business can afford it.  ...

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Characteristics of TD157 Wireless Guest Paging System

TD157 wireless guest paging system is very helpful for Covid-19, the working distance is great, and easy to operate, cost-effective.  ...

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Guest Paging System to Increase Return Customers

Guest paging system changes the communication channels and improves the interaction with customers to provide a positive experience.  ...

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Difference Between TD157 and TD175 Wireless Paging System

What is the difference between TD157 and TD175 wireless paging systems? We list some main features, such as prompt way, prompt time and calling record. If you need the paging system, pls check the more details.  ...

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Precautions for Using the Guest Pager System for Restaurant

Precautions for using the guest pager system for restaurant, you may face problems after using it for a while when you use the system, please check the details in the blog.  ...

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Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

Good features of TD175 and TD175P restaurant buzzer system, such as changing the prompt way of the keypad, and promoting time. It is necessary for some customers. If you need the TD175, pls feel free to email us.  ...

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Important Factors in Choosing a Wireless Paging System

If you are considering buying a restaurant paging system, you need to consider the price, working range, battery life, etc.  ...

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Improving the Waiting Experience for Customers

The presence of the pager system allows you to stop focusing on the waiting time and improving the waiting experience.  ...

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The Brewery Pager System Makes Your Event More Successful

The brewery pager system solves the problems of not being able to find guests, not hearing calls in noisy environments and lost pagers.  ...

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Can I Use T112 Restaurant Buzzer System with Other System

Retekess T112 restaurant buzzer system can work with Retekess T111 and TD174 system. Also for TD163 and TD158 is compatible with each other. So if you used our system before and want to expand business, pls email us to get the best solution.  ...

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