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Charging Equipment Solution For T130 System

Charging Equipment Solution For T130 System

Charging Equipment Solution For T130 System

The T130 system is the best-selling and most cost-effective product of the RETEKESS tour guide system. It is widely used in churches, conferences, education, tourism, and other scenarios, solving the problems of environmental noise and long-distance information reception. If you have a tour guide system, Are you still worried about the trouble of charging them? We give the following charging equipment solutions.

A few transmitters and receivers

If you only have a few transmitters and receivers, you just charge them via the USB charging connection.

A large number of transmitters and receivers

If you are a tour guide and need to provide explanation services for tourists, a large number of transmitters and receivers will bring trouble to your trip. If so, you can consider the charging equipment solution of the TT001 32-port charging box or the TT006 64-port charging box.

The charging box is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and fireproof; with a key and lock, it can keep the items safe; portable design, can be used as a storage box to put down all accessories, also can be used for 2 transmitters and 30 receivers at the same time Charging, convenient and safe, you can choose the 32-port or 64-port charging box according to your needs.

If you find it inconvenient to charge them one by one, you can consider the TT002 16-port charge base, which can charge for up to 16 transmitters or receivers simultaneously. with LED charging indicator and eight safety protections:

Overvoltage protection, over current protection, abnormal temperature protection, electrostatic protection, short circuit protection, electromagnetic field protection, overpower protection, lightning protection, etc, make the charging environment safer.

RETEKESS is committed to researching radio products and social distancing solutions to improve the overall operational efficiency of the enterprises while making customers more satisfied.

If you want to know more about the charging case solution, please feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com, we will provide the best solution for you.

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