Digital Transmitter 5.8G Wireless Guitar System for Outdoor Concert

Digital Transmitter 5.8G Wireless Guitar System for Outdoor Concert

Digital Transmitter 5.8G Wireless Guitar System for Outdoor Concert

Using Wireless Guitar System in a Hard Time for Entertainment 

Guitar wireless systems are based on the same basic principle as any other type of this tech. You have a transmitter and a receiver. Its job is to turn the analog signal coming from your guitar into a digital signal that is later transmitted to the receiver using a certain radio frequency band.

Retekess TA100 wireless guitar system is designed for the guitar system, it adopts 5.8G technology, it is the latest wireless solution, approved for worldwide use. 5.8 Products have more uninterrupted transmission, actively stay away from the congested 2.4G band and skip interfering sources to make steady transmission possible. So you can use the system to broadcast the music, especially at this time. People are advised to stay at home, so people need to relax. 

Let's check more details about the system:

1, Wireless audio transmission system designed for guitars, basses, and other instruments with a 6.35mm audio output jack.
2, 5.729-5.820GHz digital high fidelity coding technology, high-quality transmission without compression or distortion.
3, Less than 6ms latency, no lag or no signal loss; and effective transmission distance is up to 35M (in open area).
4, 4 built-in channels with 4 different color indicators for each channel. 120 ° rotatable plugs design, compatible with different audio jack position.
5, Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and comes with a USB cable for convenient recharging.

It is very easy to use, plug the transmitter in the guitar and receiver in the speaker when you play the music, the sound will be broadcast from the speaker. The audience can listen to the music clear. The most important is that the player and audience will stay the safety distance in the COVID-19 time. The music has the power to make people feel hopeful and relieve pain. So if you want to play a concert, the wireless guitar system will be the best choice. If you have any other questions, pls feel free to contact me at

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