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Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System

Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System

Enhancing Factory Tours with the Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System


Factory tours are a fantastic way for individuals to gain insight into the manufacturing process and witness firsthand the intricacies of production. However, organizing a smooth and informative factory tour can be challenging, especially when faced with common issues like a noisy environment and communication barriers. In this blog, we'll explore how the Retekess tt110 wireless tour guide system addresses these challenges, ensuring an enriching experience for all participants.

Common Challenges in Factory Tours

Noisy Environment: Factory floors are often filled with the hum of machinery and equipment, making it difficult for tour participants to hear the guide's explanations.

Communication Issues: In large groups, maintaining clear and effective communication can be a daunting task. Participants may struggle to hear the guide, leading to a loss of valuable information.

Distractions and Disruptions: Factory tours can be chaotic, with various activities occurring simultaneously. Distractions and disruptions can impact the overall tour experience, leaving participants feeling disconnected.

Language Barriers: In diverse groups, language differences may pose a significant challenge, hindering effective communication and understanding.

How the TT110 Tour Guide System Addresses These Challenges

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

The retekess tt110 tour guide system adopts the advanced 2.4GHz audio synthetic technology, delivering crystal clear sound even in noisy environments. Participants can now hear every detail of the guide's explanations without any interference.

100m/328ft Wireless Communication Range

With its wireless design, the tt110 system eliminates the need for shouting or struggling to be heard. The system has a working range up to 100m/328ft, which allows you go to the other places you want to during the factory tour as long as you are in the range. You don’t need to crowd together with others. Also guides can communicate effortlessly with the entire group, ensuring that every participant stays engaged and informed.


Anti-Interference Technology

The system's anti-interference technology prevents disruptions caused by external signals or other electronic devices. This guarantees a seamless tour experience, free from unwanted interruptions.

Multiple Channels Options

To address language barriers, the tt110 system offers multiple channels for diverse language options. The tt110 wireless tour guide system for plant tour features 9999 channels, and it means 9999 groups can work simultaneously at the same time. At the same time, each group tourists can communicate in a different language. Participants can choose their preferred language, allowing for a more inclusive and accessible tour experience.


User-Friendly Design

The tt110 wireless audio guide system is designed with user-friendly operation like one-key mute function of the transmitter, function of one-key turning off all receivers and frequency ID automatic pairing as well as faster magnetic charging and so on.

  • One-key Mute Function of the Transmitter: Short press the "down" button, the transmitter will mute with one click, and a flashing mute symbol will appear on the display screen. Short press the down button again to exit the mute mode.

One-key Turn-off Function of All Receivers: Press the down button until the display screen flashes, all receivers on the same channel will turn off, then short press any key on the transmitter to exit the setup.

Frequency ID Automatic Pairing: Simultaneously press the "up" and "down" keys, the icon on the display screen changes from "M” to "ID". Release the keys to enter the setting mode, press the "down" key to move the cursor position, press the "up" key to select the channel ID number, and set the range from "0000" to "9999". Afterwards, press the power button until the "ID" on the display screen flashes, then release the power button, and the transmitter enters pairing mode. Then turn on the receiver(s)and place it(them) near the transmitter, and the receiver ID number will become the same as the transmitter.

Magnetic Charging: Magnetic charging mode offers effortless and secure charging with its magnetic connection, eliminating the hassle of aligning cables. Compared to traditional charging, it ensures a quick and reliable attachment, simplifying the charging process for greater convenience and efficiency.

IPS Large Size Display Screen: IPS Large Size Display Screens deliver vibrant colors, wider viewing angles, and sharp clarity. With superior image quality and consistent visuals from any angle, they enhance user experience and provide optimal visibility in various environments for an immersive and impactful display.


The Retekess tt110 tour guide system is a game-changer for factory tours, addressing common challenges and enhancing the overall experience for participants. With its innovative features such as clear audio quality, long communication range, anti-interference technology, magnetic charging function and user-friendly design, the tt110 whisper tour guide system ensures that every participant remains engaged and informed throughout the factory tour.

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