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How to Choose and Set FM Broadcast Transmitter?

How to Choose and Set FM Broadcast Transmitter?

How to Choose and Set FM Broadcast Transmitter?

2020 is coming to an end, in this year, many things come to change, such as our lifestyle, entertainment, travel-way, and so on. This year. our items help many people in this life and business. The FM broadcast transmitter suppliers the best solution for the drive-in church, drive-movie, drive-in conference, even in the drive-in concert. 

But many people asked how to choose the FM transmitter in different places. Today I will show you how to choose and set the FM broadcast transmitter:

1,  Confirm how far do you want to use it?

Usually, the power of the transmitter is from long range, the more power, the longer- working range it will be. For Retekess TR508, the power is low, the working range is about 65 feet -164ft, but when you put the power lower, the working range will be up to 1312ft in the open area. If you need a more powerful transmitter but with a cost-effective price,  the TR502 is the best choice, the power for the TR502 is highgher, there are 8 levels, so the working radius range is up to  2.5Km in the open area. For the drive-in church, and drive-in movie, the FM transmitter is enough to use. But if you want more power one, the TR505 is the most powerful one. The working radius range can be up to 4-5KM. You can choose the power based on your needs. If you want to get more power FM transmitter, pls contact us at support@retekess.com to get more details.

Retekess FM transmitter drive-in

2, How to choose the FM frequency?

Each FM transmitter has a different frequency range, TR508 step stepped frequency is 100KHZ. For the TR502 the step stepped frequency is 100KHZ. And for the TR505 the step-stepped frequency is 100KHZ. You need to choose a blank channel to get a clear and stable signal. 

3, How to set the FM Broadcast transmitter?

You need to install the antenna, no matter which FM transmitter do you use. Or you may damage the FM transmitter. After you install the antenna and choose the frequency, you need to set the antenna height. For TR502 and TR505, you can check the pictures. The kindly note is that the height is the antenna is not with the base.

4, After set the FM broadcast success, you need to set the FM receiver with the same frequency as the transmitter and put them in the working range. When you broadcast the music or the audio, you will hear the sound. 

If the FM has the hum noise, pls check here to find the answer on how to reduce it. 

Do hope that Retekess products will help your life and business in this hard time. If you need more help, pls feel free to contact me, we will be here always for you and supply the best solutions.

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