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How to Help Your Restaurant Weather the Crisis of Insufficient Staff?

How to Help Your Restaurant Weather the Crisis of Insufficient Staff?

How to Help Your Restaurant Weather the Crisis of Insufficient Staff?

Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus and the spread of the COVID-19, people's normal lives have been severely affected, and unemployment and turnover rates have also increased significantly. This has also brought challenges to many small and medium-sized enterprises because the shortage of manpower will directly affect the efficiency of the restaurant, which in turn affects the overall revenue. If revenue gradually declines, employees may be tailored to increase profits, which will form a vicious circle. Retekess wireless paging system can help your restaurant solve this problem.

You can install a wireless call button on the dining table, and then equip each waiter with a wireless watch receiver. When the customer has needs, the employee can be called by the call button. Staff do not have to stand in front of a table all the time but can serve other customers at the same time, and the loop display and recording function of the watch receiver will also help staff avoid missing any customers. This will greatly improve their efficiency, and will also help the restaurant to solve the problem of shortage of staff.

During the COVID-19 period, many customers would choose to take out instead of dine-in. Therefore, many customers who have ordered meals need to wait at the ordering table to wait for the dishes to be completed. This will not only increase the risk of gathering people but also bring a bad experience to customers who come to consume. You can use the guest paging system. You only need to give each customer who is waiting to pick up a pager, and customers can hang out or go to the rest area to rest instead of standing at the ordering table. When the dishes are prepared, there is no need to arrange a waiter to find customers, just by calling the pager, the corresponding customers can be reminded to come to pick up the meal, which is more convenient and does not need to waste more manpower.

Retekess wireless paging system helps your restaurant increase efficiency, optimize service, reduce labor costs, and increase revenue.

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