Recovery and rebirth for restaurants in a post-pandemic world

Recovery and rebirth for restaurants in a post-pandemic world

Recovery and rebirth for restaurants in a post-pandemic world

Many applications faced a serious challenge from 2019-2021. We will take the restaurants in Canada as an example.

Let's check the details below:

TORONTO –October 4, 2021 – Though the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through Canada’s foodservice industry, inflicting a devastating impact across the entire foodservice landscape, the industry is finally seeing signs of positive change.
The release of Restaurants Canada’s 2021 Foodservice Facts shows, come 2022, the industry is expected to not only rebound but grow more than originally expected, as consumers are showing a willingness to return to restaurant dining. 
Canada’s most trusted foodservice industry research and insights guide, Foodservice Facts is an annual report presenting the latest foodservice statistics, trends, and forecasts, along with a detailed analysis of how they will affect foodservice operators. The authoritative annual research report is a valuable tool for foodservice operators and chains to plan, invest and forecast their activities for the year ahead. 
In April 2020, Canada’s foodservice industry experienced its lowest level of sales in over two decades. While sales were expected to improve in 2021, the third wave of the pandemic caused another shutdown, with the elimination of in-person dining affecting restaurants, foodservice operators, and suppliers across Canada.
However, despite the setbacks and challenges, the industry has been resilient, innovating, embracing new technologies, and exploring new revenue streams. It will take some time to bounce back, but expectations for 2022 show a promising return to pre-pandemic numbers:
*As of September 2021, almost 70% of Canadians (12 and older) are fully vaccinated
*As a result of high vaccination rates, annual commercial foodservice sales are expected to increase to $63.9 billion, which is higher than the previous prediction of $61.1 billion. However, the industry is tempering optimism with vaccine passports coming into effect alongside the fourth wave of infection.  
*The projection of 2022 looks even more promising, as overall foodservice sales are expected to grow to nearly $80 billion, 3.8% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

In addition to these efforts,the restaurants also try other ways, such as limited the people each time, can't eat in,encourage take-way, drive-through, and using the guest paging system, which supports people hang around after ordering the food, then when the food is ready, the boss will press the keypad to call them back. No more talking, and close distance, but makes the order safer and easier.

Retekess focus on wireless communication for more than 13 more years. We aim to make the communication between people

faster and efficient. The customers no need to stay in the restaurants all the time to keep a safe distance from others and the staff no need to ask someone to pick the food loudly. Once the order is ready, the customer will get the signal to enjoy the hot food. 

The guest paging system is widely used in the whole world again and spread at a very fast rate, especially in US and CA. If you want to buy a paging system for your restaurant, pls email us at We will choose the best type for you.

In the coming year of 2022, if the covid can not be cured, many applications will still keep the slow speed to development, but if you want to develop your restaurants, the guest paing system is a good choice, email us to get the solution for your business.

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