Retekess 2020 Annual Promotion Will End Until 31th Aug

Retekess 2020 Annual Promotion Will End Until 31th Aug

Retekess 2020 Annual Promotion Will End Until 31th Aug

Retekess focuses on wireless technology for more than 12 years. Recently we supply solutions for many industries, such as restaurants, hotel, cafe, factory, clinic, travel agency, church, and so on. we have many items are widely used in these industries. And in the annual promotion, we have a big promotion for several models of Retekess products.

Wireless Guest Paging System- T116 

Retekess guest paging system T116

This system is the most popular type of wireless guest paging system, we design the pagers based on the real use, it is very convenient to carry and recognize the number. The brown color also makes it is popular in the cafe and food truck. There are 20 pagers in one system, and it supports 999 channels in all, so you can add any pagers based on your needs. The working range of the T116 up to 500M in the open area. So if you need the guest paging system for your business, the T116 will be the best choice.

Wireless (Nursing)Calling System-T114

Wireless calling system T114

This system is widely used in the restaurant or hotel, which need to ask service. There are call button, host receiver, and watch receiver in the system. After you pair the call button and receiver, they can work together. Once the customers press the call button to ask service, the receiver will get the signal and prompt the service type and tale number. If you want to extend the working range, one repeater is needed. After you put it at the end of the signal appear, it will work and extend the working range.

Tour Guide System-TT122

Tour guide system TT122

The system will help guides to arrange the customers in an easy way, the customers can hear the sound from the guide clearly. We have many types of tour guide system, the TT122 is the newest type and it is popular due to the fashion design and long working range. If you want to know more detail, pls click here 

Broadcast FM transmitter

retekess FM transmitter

Retekess TR502, TR505, and TR508 are the most popular type, they are widely used in the COVID-19 time for drive-in movie, drive-in church, drive-in funeral, even in the drive-in conference.  you can choose the best type.

We do retail and wholesale, no matter how many pieces do you need, pls contact us to get the promotion price. Email us at or click here to get more details. 

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