Why choose TT117 interpretation headsets?

Why choose TT117 interpretation headsets?

Why choose TT117 interpretation headsets?

One of the key aspects to consider when organizing an interpretation session is the technology used to facilitate seamless communication between interpreters and participants. In this regard, the TT117 interpretation headsets stand out as an excellent choice due to their various features.

○ First of all, the TT117 simultaneous interpretation equipment operates in the 72-76 MHz frequency band dedicated to language interpretation. This ensures that communication between interpreters and participants remains clear and free from any interference or disruption.

○ TT117 language interpretation systems also have 17 available channels, allowing up to 8 groups to operate simultaneously in the same location without interference. This is critical in conference environments where multiple languages are spoken and translated simultaneously, as it allows for the smooth operation of up to 8 interpreting sessions (8 language channels) at the same time.


○ The TT117 interpreting system provides stereo transmission, ensuring clear audio quality for both interpreters and listeners. This feature enhances the overall conference experience as participants can easily understand and follow the interpreted message without any distortion or confusion.

○ Another advantage of this system is its one-touch mute transmitter. This feature allows interpreters to quickly and easily mute the microphone when necessary, such as during a break or when having a private conversation. By providing this convenience and control, the TT117 ensures an uninterrupted flow during meetings while providing interpreters with the flexibility they need.

○ Unexpected changes to Interpretation systems can disrupt the flow of a meeting and cause confusion. However, with one-touch locking, organizers can prevent such unintended changes from occurring. This feature gives you peace of mind and provides a seamless, uninterrupted interpretation experience throughout the meeting.

○ One of the challenges of organizing interpretation meetings is the need for a reliable and long-lasting power supply. The TT117, powered by 2 AA batteries, eliminates this concern, so you don't have to worry about running out of power or needing to constantly recharge. It helps provide a hassle-free conference experience for both organizers and interpreters.

○ The TT117 conference interpreter equipment has a communication range of 80 meters (262 feet), and the interpreter signal reaches every receiver (audience) in the conference venue without worrying about losing connectivity or missing any important information. The wide range ensures that interpreters can work from all parts of the venue, providing greater convenience.

○ Flexibility is vital for any interpretation meeting and the TT117 Interpretation headphones fulfill this need perfectly. Transmitters can be used with any number of receiver devices, which makes scalability and adaptability easy, as the number of interpreters and their corresponding receivers can be adjusted to meet the size and needs of the meeting.

○ Another significant advantage of the TT117 interpretation headset is its user-friendly design. It is very easy to use, even for people with no prior experience, reducing any potential technical problems during meetings. In addition, the pocket-sized and lightweight transmitter and receiver make it extremely easy to carry and transport, as well as ensuring the comfort of the wearer.

All in all, the TT117 conference interpreter equipment is undoubtedly an excellent choice for any multilingual conference, ensuring seamless communication and improved understanding for all participants.

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