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What is the Difference Between TT105 And TT109

What is the Difference Between TT105 And TT109

What is the Difference Between TT105 And TT109

2020 Retekess New Arrival Tour Guide System TT109 

Retekess TT109 is our new arrival, it looks like similar with Retekess TT105.

But they are different, pls check the details:

A: Retekess TT105 is the dark-silver, TT109 is the whole black one. 

TT105 tour guide system retekess.jpg

tour guide ssytem Retekess TT109.jpg

B: The TT109 works the longer distance than TT105.

Retekess TT109 is the updated version of the TT105 wireless tour guide system. Our products manager use 

the new technology to make this system. So the working distance is far.

tour guide system TT105  TT109.jpg

C: Retekess TT105 can work with 2 transmitters in one group: Main transmitter and Vice transmitter.

but TT109 only can work with 1 transmitter, so pls choose the right type that you need. 

Hajj tour guide audio system.jpg

Wireless guided tour systems with 2  transmitters communication designed to make group 

communication easy.

Pls note: if the transmitters work with the 2 pieces at the same, the sound of transmitter will lose some.

So the sound of TT109 is better than TT105 tour guide system.

All Retekess tour guide system will checked carefully before send out. 

be a happy your guide do business tour guide.jpg

If you have any question, pls inform us to email: support@retekess.com

Here is the video how to change the channel of TT105.


It is the very simple to operate. 


Comment user


Hello. I have two 105’s- One main transmitter, and one vice transmitter. I also have about twenty 109’s. What I’m wondering is if I can use the 105 transmitters for the 109’s? So far I haven’t been able to figure it out, as the same channels only provides static noise. Thank you

Comment author


Hello lordjeirik, The TT105 transmitter cannot be used with the TT109 receiver, it can only be used with the TT105 receiver. If you have further questions, please feel free to email support@retekess.com

Comment user


Buongiorno, Ho urgente necessita di sapere che tipo di cavo o spinotto utilizzare per collegare un mp3 o un telefono al trasmettitore tt109. Grazie mille

Comment author


Ciao Tracy, Grazie per aver utilizzato i prodotti Retekess. Mi dispiace così tanto che richiede una speciale linea AUX da 3,5 mm per funzionare con il sistema di guida turistica TT109. Puoi inviarci un'e-mail per richiedere maggiori informazioni inviando un'e-mail all'indirizzo support@retekess.com. Abbiamo riscontrato questo problema al nostro ufficio tecnico per verificare se è possibile apportare alcune modifiche alla connessione per farlo funzionare con normali cavi AUX da 3,5 mm. Grazie per la comprensione e la collaborazione in merito. I migliori saluti

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