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Why Buy a Wireless Tour Guide System

Why Buy a Wireless Tour Guide System

Why Buy a Wireless Tour Guide System

Since COVID-19, the tourism industry has been hit to some extent. Slightly better is it is gradually adapting to the present situation. The wireless guide system, which is closely related to tourism, has come to life again!

What is a Wireless Guide System?

About the composition of tour guide equipment, part is called the transmitter, another part is called the receiver. Plus a storage case or charging box. The transmitter is used by the person who needs to speak, and the accessories are lavalier or ear hook microphones. The tourist guide wears the transmitter speaking at a normal volume and does not need to yell. The receiver is worn by the person who needs to listen. All those wearing it can hear the voice of the speaker very clearly from 100 meters away as if they were speaking in your ear. One transmitter can support unlimited receivers, making it easy to talk and listen to each other in a wireless mode. And with multiple channels, many groups can be accommodated at the same time in the same scenic area.

The Charm of a Wireless Guide System

the charm of retekess wireless guide system

Away from the noise. You need a relatively quiet environment to relax and release stress. Every guide leads their own group and the content can be heard by visitors wearing earpieces. The scene becomes quiet and private. You can enjoy it to the fullest!

Protected yourself. The epidemic situation has not completely improved, it is very important to protect yourself outside. By using a wireless tour guide system, we are able to transmit the content well even if we are wearing a mask to speak.

More orderly. With the audio guide system, tourists don't have to get crowded to visit. Keep a certain distance. After all, distance produces beauty. Meanwhile, the scenic area becomes more orderly.

Promote brand. The tour guide device can be printed with your own logo, which will be displayed in the process of using it, and there will be good publicity.

What is the appeal of the Retekess tour guide system? Let's take a look!

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