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Application of Wireless Tour Guide System In Different Fields

Application of Wireless Tour Guide System In Different Fields

Application of Wireless Tour Guide System In Different Fields

The Retekess wireless guide system is also called a simultaneous interpreter and tourism guide system, It consists of a transmitter, receiver, headphone, microphone. The main function is the "real-time sound transmission". it can achieve one person to speak, and multiple people to listen. it not only solve noise but also bring a good experience, The following are the most common application areas.

Museum tour

As we all know, the museum needs a quiet environment, don’t speak loudly, at this time you can use a whisper system, It doesn’t create noise or disrupt other visitors around them.

Factory tour

many machines are running with a loud noise in the factory, it is hard to understand every word, with the tour guide for factory, you can hear even in a noisy environment.

International conference

At international conferences, many people come from different countries and speak different languages, a tour guide system can transmit live translations to respective listeners, an interpreter can send the translation to any number of recipients with a tour guide system, you only need to set up different channels for different languages, so to meet the needs of different languages.

Church translation

Many countries opened churches, the tour guide system for the church as an audio description system to help blind or disabled people, or as a radio assist system to help hearing aid wearers, connect audio equipment to help people release stress.

Tour guide system solves our problem On the occasions mentioned above, improved communication efficiency. If you are interested and want to know more information about the tour guide system, contact us at

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