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Tour Guide System Transmitters

Retekess tour guide system transmitter is lightweight and portable, supports multiple channels at the same time and AUX audio input, stable signal, long communication distance, and with wireless receiver forms tour guide systems, which are widely used in tour groups, church, conference, factory, etc.

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TT126 transmitter is part of a two-way guided tour system and needs to work with the TT126 receiver

Microphone gain adjustable

One-touch mute transmitter

Type-C charging port

Transmitter can work for 10 hours

Communication range with receiver up to 280m/919ft


TT116 transmitter can only be used with TT116 receivers, and one transmitter can be connected to any number of receivers.

Adopt UHF transmission and noise reduction technology

Provides space to customize pictures or messages

Transmitter working time 10 h

Working range up to 200 m/656ft

Support both AUX and MIC at the same time

Automatic locking keys to prevent accidental touch


The TT125 transmitter can only be used with the TT125 receiver and is not compatible with other receiver models.

The transmitter can be fully charged in 4 h and work for 18 hours

Transmit range 150m/492ft

Transmitter with a built-in microphone

16K great audio quality

999 channel IDs

One-button mute transmitter


The T130S transmitter is an upgraded version of the T130 transmitter and is compatible with the T131S and T131 receivers.

Wireless transmitter with a transmission range of 100 m/328 ft

Large battery capacity allows for 20 hrs of continuous operation

Transmitter with one key mute function

Supports AUX input and MIC input

Easy to use and set up

One key auto pairing

One key to turning off all receivers


Portable FM transmitter built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Support TF card and AUX line-in

Crystal sound quality


TR503 FM transmitter Frequency response: 60Hz-15KHz USB to Micro USB Charging Built-in 450mAh rechargeable lithium battery


Retekess TR506 long-range portable fm transmitter 


Portable transmitter supports microphone and Aux audio input at the same time

Communication range up to 100m in the open area

Portable Transmitter with a large screen and handheld speaker mic


Retekess t130 transmitter supports use with a myriad of receivers

Portable transmitter for up to 12 hours of continuous use

PLL technology reduces noise and improves sound quality

Wireless transmitter has an operating distance of 50/164ft

Best choice for church interpreters

Easy to use


Equestrian coaching headsets support two-way communication

Compatible with equestrian helmets

Lightweight and compact

Communication range of 100 meters / 328ft

TT105 equestrian communication systems include:

1 main transmitter (with headset microphone)

1 vice-transmitter (with headset microphone)


Mute all receiver with one key

80m working range at an open area

PLL frequency synthesis technology

195-230MHz VHF band transmission

99 groups to operate in the same area

1300mAh lithium battery, long standby time

Power off all receiver via the transmitter, pressing the power key for 6 seconds


Operates in the UHF band, with strong penetration and stable signal

Transmitter to receiver transmission distance up to 200 m

The transmitter charges for 5 h and can work continuously for 10 h

Support MIC and AUX input at the same time

Easy to use and set up


The transmitter belongs to TT106 Tour Guide system.

The transmitter cannot be used alone, it needs to be used together with the TT106 receiver.

Tour guide transmitter has a mute function.

Working time up to 25h after fully charged.


TT122 is a 2.4G tour guide system, it can be used all over the world freely

It can reach 150 meters in an open area

It has one key pair with all receivers

One key mute transmitter

One key turns off all receivers in the same channel 36 channels, you can feel free to use in one location with many groups.