Retekess T130S T131S Simultaneous Translation Equipment for Church Translation Court Interpreter

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Crystal clear sound without noise

Communication range up to 100 m/328 ft

The transmitter and receiver can run continuously for 20 hours

49 channels allow setting up 49 different language translation groups

Translation equipment is easy to use

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Head-mounted headphones for receivers

The T131S receiver comes with head-mounted headphones, and the foam on the ear cups makes you feel soft and comfortable and isolates external noise. The length of the headband is adjustable to perfectly fit your head size.

Transmitter supports a one-key mute

Interpreters need this feature very much. The mute button allows them to quickly mute the transmitter when they cough, sneeze or take a break, interrupting the audio transmission to prevent the listener from hearing unintended information.


Easy to use

One-button automatic channel synchronization: The T130S T131 portable interpreter device can synchronize the channels of all devices in 8 seconds, so you don't need to spend a lot of time adjusting the channels one by one. In addition, they have the function of channel memory, with no need to re-pair when used again after successful pairing.

One key to turn off all receivers: The guide only needs to long press the transmitter "-" button for about 5 seconds, and all receivers on the same channel as the transmitter will be turned off, saving time.

Adjustable volume

T130S wireless receiver has a volume up/down button, so listeners can adjust the volume to suit their hearing condition. Don't worry if you have elderly or hard-of-hearing people in your group, the 10-level volume range makes it easy for everyone to listen.

Expanded simultaneous interpretation systems

If your team grows in size, you can increase the number of receivers as needed. There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be added, as transmitters can be paired and used together with countless receivers. If the number of languages to be translated increases by 1, then 1 additional transmitter is required. This church translation device has 49 channels and can create groups of up to 49 different languages in the same area.

49 Channel IDs

T130S language translation devices offer 49 channels. This provides the flexibility to translate multiple languages in the same area. Each language group can be assigned a different channel, ensuring that they can communicate without interference from other groups or external signals.

retekess-t130s-interpretation-device-49-channel retekess-t130s-one-way-tour-guide-system-mic-and-aux-input

MIC input and AUX input

T130S transmitter with MIC jack and AUX jack, in addition, to supporting connecting mic speech, also support connecting external audio devices such as computer, cell phone, mp3, etc. You can play music or other voice files for church congregation through this function.

Long-range simultaneous translation equipment

Wireless transmitters can communicate with receivers up to 100 m/328 ft. This means that interpreters can do their work away from the audience so that the audience is not distracted by the interpreter's voice and the church congregation and court participants are more focused on the content of the message.

Long-running time

The battery capacity of the upgraded T130 interpretation device is much improved compared to the older version of the T130 interpretation system. The transmitter and receiver can stay on standby for up to 20 hours, so you don't need to charge them as often or worry about running out of power in the middle of use.

User-friendly design

T130S T131S simultaneous translation equipment is plug-and-play, no need to install it in advance. The wireless transmitter can be worn in two ways: around the neck with the included lanyard or on the belt with the back clip, and the receiver can be hung around the neck with the lanyard or placed in the pocket. Hands-free design to free your hands, but also not easy to drop the device.

Comparison of 3 Simultaneous Translation Equipment in the T130 Series

First generation
Second generation
Third generation
Working range 40-60m 100m/328ft 160 m/524 ft
Battery runtime Transmitter 12 h; Receiver 18 h Transmitter 20 h; Receiver 20 h Transmitter 20 h; Receiver 36 h
charging method Mini USB Mini USB Type-C&Charging contacts
Noise Reduction / / Noise reduction level 1-4 adjustable
Auto Pairing
One-touch mute /
One-touch shutdown of all receivers /
Weight Transmitter 58 g; Receiver 45 g Transmitter 140 g; Receiver 45 g Transmitter 140 g; Receiver 49 g

Lavalier microphone

Single ear hook headset

Lavalier microphone

D-shape headset (fit left and right ear)

Lavalier microphone

D-shape headset (fit left and right ear)

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T130S simultaneous interpretation equipment specifications

T130S Transmitter


Frequency Range 


Frequency Range 


Channels  49CH Channels  49CH
Working Voltage  DC 3.7V Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Mic /Aux input  3.5mm

Earphone Jack

Frequency Response


Frequency Response 50-18000Hz
SNR  80dB(Typical) SNR 80dB(Typical)
RF spurious rejection  ≥90dB   RF spurious rejection ≥90dB




Operating Range  100m(line of sight) Operating Range 100m(line of sight)
Battery Capacity  4200mAh Battery Capacity


Battery Run Time  About 20 hours typical Battery Run Time About 20 hours typical
Weight 120g(without accessories) Weight 30g(without accessories)
Size  103*61*25.8mm(without antenna) Size 73*42*12mm
TT002 16-port USB Charging Base
USB output DC 5V; 7A
Adapter input  AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Size 190 x 95 x 50mm
Weight 430g

Package Includes:


1 x transmitter

1x lavalier mic
15 x receiver
15 x head-mounted headphone
16 x lanyard
16 x charging cable
1x user mannel
1x headset microphone
1TX+15RX+1Charging Base

1 x transmitter

1x lavalier mic
15 x receiver
15 x head-mounted headphone
16 x lanyard
16 x charging cable
1x 16-slot charging base
1x user mannel
1x headset microphone

Q: What is the warranty policy for these devices?

This T130S T131S simultaneous interpretation equipment has a 30-day no-questions-asked return and a 2-year warranty.

Q: Will I hear static or noise from the headphones?

No, the listener will not be disturbed by noise within a communication range of 100 meters. If you still hear noise when the listener is within the working range of the transmitter, it may be that there is a large signal interference in the environment, or the channel you are using is occupied, then you can try to change the use environment or change the channel ID.

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Good Product, well supported
We have a diverse community, and these translation devices allow us to effortlessly address the communication gap, parents who do not understand English can understand and participate in parent-teacher conferences.

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