Retekess TD160 Table Location Guest Locator System for Restaurant Bars Pubs

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Retekess Table Location System helps you deliver food faster and fresher, for a more satisfying customer experience. Once guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag and the smart tracker system does the rest. It consists with positioning receiver, wireless location host,wireless locator and display terminal.

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Retekess Table Location System 

This system consists of pagers, sensor, set-top box, display terminal and display-(The price is without the display).

 图片1.pngSmart Pager, or you can call it as positioning receiver

-Give the pager to guest, they can put them in the table.

-Waterproof level: IP67

-Color: White

-Size: 120×51×18mm

-Battery: Continuous use for five years, no need to recharge, non-removable

smart paging system.jpg

图片3.png Sensor, or you can call it as wireless location host

-Paste it on the back of the table, automatically identify the menu information on the table, 

and upload the location information.

-Install :Stock it on the table, each table should have one sensor.

-Size of type A: 70 x 70cm

-Size of type B: 120 x 70cm

-Adaptation type:  Suitable for all material desktops except metal, metal desktops need to be customized

-Frequency: 433MHz

-Material: PC+ABS

图片2.pngWireless location host

-Receive the location information and transmit it wireless to the display terminal

-Coverage area: 

The indoor radius is 60 meters.

The open radius is 150 meters.

-Frequency: 433MHz

-Adapter: 5V2A,Micro USB

-Material: Aluminum

图片4.pngDisplay terminal

-Connect the monitor, receive the positioning information transmitted by the set-top box and 

output it to the monitor for display.

-extension: It can be configured to realize multi-point and multi-screen display, which is convenient 

for multi-stall / multi-floor dining.

-port: Micro HDMI

-Frequency: 433MHz

-Size: 90.5×77×21.6mm(Without antenna)


The price is without display, you can use it on your own computer.

-port: With VGA video interface


wireless table tracker system location system.jpg

Features and Benefits:

-Customer experience: Customers no longer gather at the counter. This creates a calmer, more enjoyable experience.

-Faster service: Food is served quicker as staff know exactly where each order is to be taken. 

-Better quality of food: Prompt food delivery means that customers can enjoy food hot and fresh. 

-Standalone or integrated system: Integrate Retekess with your existing kitchen display or use as a stand-alone system. 

-Simple, easy to use: Setup and operation are quick and easy. 

-Water-resistant table tags: Table tags are suitable for all environments. 

-Increased staff efficiency: Staff no longer waste time searching for customers, and can spend more time serving customers.

Please fill in your procurement needs and contact information

Ordering instruction

1、Customers can provide the following information, and we will provide the best purchasing plan according to the information.

*The size of the table [length and width] and the corresponding quantity

*Table number [easy to configure table locator]

*If the table has a special shape, such as an all-metal table, you need to take a picture [on the back of the table].

*The layout of the restaurant, if any, is the most ideal.

According to the above information, we will provide the locator installation diagram and the optimal configuration scheme for the customer.

2、The meal overtime setting (this function needs to be set before leaving the factory) is not set by default. If the customer needs, please provide specific time requirements according to the actual situation, starting from the guest sitting [sensing to the menu]. After the expiration of the time, the corresponding information will be displayed on the display.     

3、The above products cannot work alone, they must be matched together.

Q: Our restaurant have about 30 tables, can i use this system?

A: Yes, you can use it. The quantity can reach up to 150.

Q: Can i customize the sensor size?

A: Recently we only have 2 types: 70X70cm and 120X70cm.

You can tell me our your table size, we will advise the best type for you. 

Q: Is there any software in this system?

A: Yes, we have install the software in the system, you just need to connect it with one display.

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