Retekess TD175P Large-Capacity Restaurant Paging System With 30 Pagers

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 Wireless calling system automatically starts up while charging

 Wireless to code, 1-998 code was available

 Seven-pager mode user-defined was available, beep vibrate flash combined randomly

 Four keyboard mode was available, mute beep vibrate combined randomly

 Inquire the last 10 records function by pressing ∧ key or ∨ key on the keyboard

 Pagers can be instantly powered off by pressing the 999+call key on the keyboard

 Support fast and slow ringtone settings

Retekess TD175P restaurant pager system

It is equipped with 30 Pagers, and the lightweight design is convenient to use. The keyboard adopts a seamless touch keyboard, which is convenient to wipe and clean. There are seven call modes, and you can switch modes freely according to the actual situation. Through the td175p restaurant paging System, you can notify waiting customers in time to enhance your customers' experience.

Large-capacity 30 Pagers

The transmitter keyboard has many charging card slots, and additional restaurant pagers can be continuously added to meet the needs of business growth.

7 Prompt Modes

Vibration/beep/light can be combined according to customer needs, support-only vibration is suitable for quiet environments, and sound and light vibration suitable for noisy restaurants.

Expandable up to 998 Pagers

You can always add more restaurant pagers to the system as your business grows, multiple sets of use will not affect each other.

Long Distance Restaurant Pager System

Restaurant buzzer system work distance of up to 500m/1640ft in open areas, can keep customers waiting in the car.

Long Standby Time Charger

Built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery gives the pager a 15-hour standby time after a full charge.

Easy to Shut Down

Press the 99 and CALL buttons to turn off all pagers on the charging slot, instead of turning off the pages one by one to shut them down, it is more time-saving and power-saving.

More to One

Supports multiple transmitters with the same ID to call the same guest pager, multiple sets of keyboards can be used in the same environment without being affected.

One to More

Just set the pager to the same number, and all restaurant beepers will prompt after pressing the corresponding number on the keyboard.

View History Call Records

restaurant pager system for servers can view 10 call history records through the keyboard up and down keys, Don’t worry about forgetting the customers called before.

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Retekess TD175P Lightweight Restaurant Pager System Specification:


Input power

DC 12V/2A

Standby current

50 mA

Working distance

500m/1640ft (open air)




Prompting mode


Standby time

15 hours


Built-in 200mAh lithium battery

Remind time

1-999s user-defined

Standby current


Receiving sensitivity




Package Includes:

1 x Transmitter

30 x Pager

1 x Adapter

1 x User manual

Q: How should I pair it?

A: The transmitter host presses the "Settings" button for 3 seconds, opens the function menu "F1", clicks the "Call" button, takes out the menu to be set (the 4 LED lights on the menu are always on), and clicks the "Call" button When you hear a long beep from the menu board, it means the code pairing is successful.

Q: How to modify the command after entering F2?

A: After entering F2, you can only modify the command through the page up and down keys, and cannot modify the operation through the number keys.

Q: Can I add more than 30 pagers to one keypad transmitter?

A: Yes, you can. TD175P pager system allows you add up to 998 pagers to one keypad

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big help
It is like plug in and good to go thing, very easy to operate. We have the the pager out for customers and paging when ready for them, no more calling names all around the place. Definitely a big help for us!

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