Retekess TD184 Long Distance Guest Pager System for Restaurants

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Long distance pager system, calling distances in open areas can reach 800m

Support one-click to close all pagers to improve efficiency

Over distance alarm setting to avoid the loss

Countdown reminder setting to enhance the reminder

Magnetic charging is more convenient

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

Retekess TD184 FM wireless long distance pager is suitable for long-distance calls and has a stronger anti-interference ability. It is suitable for use in restaurants, dining cars, coffee shops, clubs, gymnasiums, churches, and other places. The operation is simple and easy to use, which can improve the efficiency of your business and reduce labor costs

Long distance pager

The distance of calling can reach 800 meters in an open area

On button to shutdown

"0"+"call", you can easily close all pagers with one click, saving time and improving efficiency

Out of range alarm

When the pager exceeds the coverage of the keyboard signal and the duration exceeds the set time, it will automatically vibrate/buzz/flash to remind

Help you monitor the location of pagers, avoid loss and reduce loss

Service cutdown time

when the pager will automatically beep again after the first call is received if they do not collect orders in time

touch keyboard

The keypad feels better when touched, the waterproof performance is better

Various prompt modes

buzzing/vibrating/ flashing lights, to meet the different needs of different scenes

Magnetic charging design, Charging faster and saferRetekess TD184 multi scene wireless guest paging system

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TD184 Long Distance Pager

Dimension 135*58*23mm
Receiving Sensitivity -120dB
Standby Time ≈25 hours
Battery Built-in 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery
RX Frequency 424.8-469.025MHz
Reminder Method Buzzing ,LED Flashing, Vibration
Distance of Transmission About 800 meters in a wide-open field
Modulation FM

TD184 Transmitting

Dimension 162*98*40mm
Tx Frequency 424.8-469.025MHz
Power Adapter DC 12V, 1A
Keypress Method Touch type
Modulation FM

Q: Can multiple system sets be used at the same time to increase capacity?

A: Yes, multiple sets of pagers can be used at the same time, but you need to set the transmitter keyboard to a different ID.
Keypad ID setting steps: After entering the F7 function interface, the display shows the current keypad ID and you can select your desired channel (1-99). When you input the expected number and press the OK button, the keypad beeps at the same time, which means the setting is successful. NOTE: You have to set the pager ID again to make the pager system work after changing the keypad ID.

Q: What is the battery life when in use?

A: For the Retekess TD184 pager system, you can use at least 12 hours when you fully charge.

Q: Can I get this model with extra pagers?

A: We offer Retekess TD184 Restaurant Pager System with 1 keypad and 8/16/24(optional) pagers in one package. You can choose a suitable set according to your needs.
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