Retekess T130 Tour Guide System Wireless Transmitter and Receiver System

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Wireless tour guide system support 99 groups to operate simultaneously; microphone wireless transmitter :1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need; 60 meters communication distances; Easy to set up and carry around; 900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for transmitter; 12 hours last upon full charge; 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for receiver; 18 hours last upon full charge; Clarity and consistency of the wireless signal.

Retekess tour guide wireless system with 1 transmitter and 10 receivers
They are suitable for church,court room,school,conference,auditorium,sermon,factory tour and so on

tour system


tour guide system for tours, church and conference

Support most 99 channel groups;

Battery lasts 18 hours for receivers; 12 hours for the transmitter;

Small Size; Easy to charge.


Product Advantages


Tour GuideMicrophone System Long battery life

DC 5V 1A USB Charging Dock.

Rechargeable battery, 900mAh lithium battery of transmitter works for 12h, 600mAh lithium battery of receiver works for 18h.

One Way Tour Guide System PLL Technology for stable signal

Wireless Transmitter and receivers worked great with almost no interference, If you use it at court room,the next room with no interruption or decrease in sound quality

Portable tour guide speaker system Support 3.5mm earphone

Single-sided earphones make it easier to use and carry, cleaner and hygienic, you can also use your own 3.5mm universal headphones

Product Features:


Long Transmission Distance

Transmission distance is about 50m/164ft in open area;Can be used for many occasions

Support Mono One Way Audio Input

Audio transmission can be achieved by connecting the transmitter and various audio devices with headphone jacks by using a 3.5mm AUX cable (not included)

Top 99 Channels Groups

This Tour guide system support 99 channels Support, Interpretation system has 99 IDs which allow 99 groups working at the same time in the range;

These systems can be sized to meet your current tour guide requirements and then be expanded as your tour program grows

Wireless transmitter and receiver and tour guide system for Segway tour, museum, plant tour, large group tour outside. It is very easy to set up, one transmitter can work with as many receivers as possible.

Tour Guide System Receiver

Tour Guide System Receiver

Tour Guide System Receiver

Tour Guide System Receiver

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Easy to use
They look very sleek and modern, The receivers are so small and lightweight, Each little device comes with its own ear piece, lanyard and charger

Battery Rechargeable
battery consumption LCD display, and the batteries last for several hours, so it can be a good choice for Spanish interpretation during our church services

Long transmission distance
About 196ft(60 meters) from the transmitter transmit to the receivers,195 mhz-230mhz has 99 IDs which allow 99 groups working at the same time;suitable to use as a translation device in a church

Change ID
There are wireless and manual set for different conditions. The wireless type is fit for group receivers in one channel very quickly;

Stable signal
Receivers worked great with almost no interference.
If you use it at court room;the next room with no interruption or decrease in sound quality.Also you can add more units to the system in the same range

Power supply: Built-in 900mAh lithium battery
Working distance: 50m

Power supply: Built-in 600mAh lithium battery

Package Includes
1 x Wireless transmitter
10 x Wireless receiver
1 x Lavalier microphone
10 x Single earphone
11 x Lanyard
11 x USB charging cable
1 x English manual

Question: can the device translate creole to English?

Answer: Hello friend, the device is in need of human translation, the system can't a translation. Hope this can help you.

Question: Can the equipment support human interpretation into 4 languages at the same time? Thank you!

Answer:  Hello friend, yes, you need to use 4 different frequencies for 4 languages.

Question: I purchased the transmitter at 100t with two hooks over the ear earphones. the earphones are broken. how can I get two replacements earphones?

Answer: Hello friend, so sorry for this issue, if you need two replacement earphones, you can contact us.

Question: Can i connect from pc speaker out to transmitter mic by 3.5mm male to the male connector?

Answer: Hello friend, the tour guide system support AUX cable to connect pc. Any issue, pls email us freely.

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