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Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System for Tour and Museum Visits

SKU: F9632A-F9632B-F4512A

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Transmission range up to 100m/328ft

Transmitter and receiver can work for 20 hrs

Transmitter with mute function

One-touch to auto pairing

One button to turn off all receivers

Support MIC and AUX input

The receiver is loud and adjustable in volume

retekess one way tour guide system for tour group

— Easy to operate

The wireless tour guide system is designed to be easy to use. Both the transmitter and receiver have simple controls that include power on/off, volume adjustment, and channel selection buttons. This simplicity allows guides and participants to quickly learn how to operate the system, minimizing setup time and avoiding confusion during the tour.

— Automatic pairing and channel memory

Transmitters and receivers support automatic pairing, simplifying the setup process. In addition, they feature a channel memory function that allows the tour guide kit to remember previously used channels, eliminating the need to adjust channels again on subsequent tours.

— Mute Function

The tour guide systems can be put into mute mode by pressing the "+" button on the transmitter. This feature allows the tour guide to temporarily pause the audio transmission without turning off the tour guide kit, ensuring that participants can focus on specific moments or instructions without any interruptions.

— Quickly turn off all receivers

T130S one way tour guide system has a convenient feature that allows all paired receivers to be turned off at the same time with a single keystroke. This simplifies the process of shutting down the tour guide kit after an excursion, saving time and effort.

— Battery run time

T130S tour guide system has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that allows the transmitter and receiver to run for approximately 20 hours of continuous use. Guides can easily lead groups on full or multi-day tours without worrying about running out of batteries or having long trips interrupted by battery problems.

— Adjustable volume

T131S receiver offers the flexibility to adjust the volume to your personal preference. This ensures that the audio is loud and clear, even in noisy environments or for participants with different hearing abilities. It's worth noting that the T130S system is the loudest available, making it friendly for hard-of-hearing seniors.

— Communication range

With a transmission range of up to 100 meters, the T130S one-way tour guide system provides wide coverage during museum tours or outdoor excursions, ensuring clear communication between the guide and participants. Visitors are free to move around and listen to the narration, even if they are dispersed or exploring different areas.

retekess-t130s-one-way-tour-guide-system-range-100m    retekess-t130s-one-way-tour-guide-system-mic-and-aux-input

— Dual input support

The transmitter is equipped with an AUX jack and a MIC jack. This allows simultaneous input of external audio sources, such as playing pre-recorded tour information via AUX and listening to live commentary from the tour guide via MIC. It provides flexibility in the content of the information delivered to the listener.

— Multi-channel

T130S one way tour guide headsets offer 49 different channels, which allows multiple tours or guides to operate in the same area at the same time, with each guide being able to select a different channel to ensure their commentary does not interfere or overlap with each other. The availability of multiple channels ensures clear, uninterrupted communication.

— High-quality sound

T130S one way tour guide system uses advanced PLL technology to maximize signal stability and provide clear, crisp sound, ensuring that tour participants are not disturbed by background noise and can clearly hear the tour guide's commentary, enhancing the overall tour experience.

— Universal headset compatibility

The receiver comes with a D-type headphone accessory that can be used in both left and right ears. However, users also have the option of replacing the included D-type headphones with their own 3.5mm universal headphones to further enhance convenience. By the way, we also offer disposable headphones and single ear-hook headphones as options.

— Unlimited number of receivers

T130S one-way tour guide system supports the connection of any number of receivers, allowing the tour guide to add or subtract receivers as the group size increases or decreases, a flexibility that allows the tour guide to adapt to any size tour group. Click here to buy receivers.

— Multiple charging options

The one way tour guide equipment has multiple charging options. Users can charge the transmitter and receiver using the included USB charging cable. In addition, we offer more convenient and efficient charging solutions: 32-slot charging case, 64-slot charging case, or 16-slot charging base.

— Wearing method

The wireless transmitter and receiver are equipped with a lanyard so that users can hang them around their necks, freeing up their hands for easy mobility. The transmitter is also fitted with a clip that allows the guide or team leader to attach it to their belt, providing a hands-free and convenient way to wear it.

— Customize combinations

You have the flexibility to customize the number of T130S transmitters and T131S receivers according to your specific needs. If you don't find the combination you want on our website, just contact us to get it.

— Brand Customization

The T130S tour guide system supports customized logos and lanyards. This allows guides or organizations to incorporate elements of their brand to create a professional and cohesive look for your tour. If you need customization,  contact us for details.

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T130S Transmitter

T131S Receiver

Frequency Range 


Frequency Range 


Channels  49CH Channels  49CH
Working Voltage  DC 3.7V Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Mic /Aux input  3.5mm

Earphone Jack

Frequency Response


Frequency Response 50-18000Hz
SNR  80dB(Typical) SNR 80dB(Typical)
RF spurious rejection  ≥90dB   RF spurious rejection ≥90dB




Operating Range  100m(line of sight) Operating Range 100m(line of sight)
Battery Capacity  4200mAh Battery Capacity


Battery Run Time  About 20 hours typical Battery Run Time About 20 hours typical
Weight 120g(without accessories) Weight 30g(without accessories)
Size  103*61*25.8mm(without antenna) Size 73*42*12mm

Package Includes:

Classification of packages     package includes

1x transmitter

6x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

6x single-ear headphones

7x charging cable

7 x lanyard

1x user manual
1x headset microphone
1 TX + 10 RX

1x transmitter

10x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

10x single-ear headphones

11x charging cable

11 x lanyard

1x user manual
1x headset microphone
1 TX + 15 RX

1x transmitter

15x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

15x single-ear headphones

16x charging cable

16 x lanyard

1x user manual
1x headset microphone
1 TX + 20 RX

1x transmitter

20x receiver

1x lavalier microphone

20x single-ear headphones

21x charging cable

21 x lanyard

1x user manual
1x headset microphone

Q: What is the difference between the T130S-T131S audio guide system and the T130-T131?

A: The T130S-T131S audio guide systems are upgraded models of the T130-T131, with greater improvements in battery capacity, transmitting range, and functional features, click to learn more about the differences.

Q: Does it come with a charging unit?

A: Yes, each transmitter and receiver comes with a USB charging cable, or you can purchase an additional 32-port charging case, 64-port charging case, or 16-port charging base if you want to charge more easily.

Q: What is the warranty policy for this T130S T131S tour guide system?

A: All models of Retekess tour guide systems support 30-day no-reason returns and a two-year warranty.

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Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System for Tour and Museum Visits
I am very satisfied with this model from Retakess. My clients appreciate the lightweight receivers and the acoustics are very good as well. There is a mute function which serves well. I would recommend this product to all my fellow interpreters.
Retekess T130S T131S One Way Tour Guide System for Tour and Museum Visits
I am very satisfied with this model from Retakess. My clients appreciate the small and lightweight receivers and the quality for interpreting onsite is good as well. There is a mute function which serves well. I would recommend this product to all my fellow interpreters.
It's a worthwhile investment
I recently used the Retekess T130S Tour Guide System on a group tour and it was fantastic. The system was so easy to set up and use that I barely noticed it was there, but my guests could hear me perfectly. I was able to move around freely and still be heard, which made for a much more engaging and enjoyable tour. I highly recommend this system to any tour guide.
Highly recommended
We've been using the Retekess T130S Tour Guide System for a few months now and have noticed a significant improvement in the experience for our hearing-impaired members. It has exceeded our expectations, the system is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for long services or events. It's easy to adjust the volume and the sound quality is superb and is so simple to use that even our older members have no trouble with it. We highly recommend this product to any church or organization looking to improve accessibility.
Church loved it
Everything I need is included, I am very excited to have had this product in my church, I use it to translate the service. After we tried it... everyone was saying "I love it, it sounds clear..." And I like that the battery last long even after a 8hr hour usage. I am thankful for this product because before I would have to use a mic to translate but they couldn't hear me well.
Good for the price
We used it to guide tourists in the tour group, this is the best after we tried some other products. I am very happy with it.
Annette Vondra
T130S system works well
Yes, everything is fine. I received it several weeks ago and tested the new sender yesterday in combination with the old type receivers. It turns out that the volume is much louder - for most people the receivers could be turned back to sound level 1 instead of the usual 9! And after 3 hours of use the battery was still full instead of 35% depleted. It is a pity that the auto-off function doesn't work with the old receivers!

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