Queue calling system



  • Create pleasant environment
  • Reduce crowed
  • Reduce cost

What is queue calling system

This system is widely used in the place where need customer to get food by himself. Queue calling system is a guest alarm system devices to allow you to manage and handle the queue flow easily, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere. The customer can sit comfortably to wait for his food. Food center can press a number to call the customer in time. All work runs in a comfortable and effective environment. The most important thing is that it helps to improve profit and revenue for your business.

Using subject

Food center

Using the keyboard to call number.


Hang a receiver, showing number to call customer to get food.


Queue calling system consists of the keyboard transmitter and the host receiver display. The food center hosts the keyboard to press the number to call customers to get their food. Once you press the number, the receiver, which is hanging on the wall, will broadcast the number by a voice prompt. Then customer will go to get the food and enjoy it.

Custom Solutions


  • Create pleasant environment, enhance restaurant image
  • Customer no need to queue for a long time, he can sit on the rest place, to create a pleasant environment for them, making your restaurant more attractive.
  • Reduce cost for service stuff
  • Reduce labour costs associated with food runner and waiter.
  • Increase revenue and profit
  • Eliminate long queue to attract many more new customer as the atmosphere become more inviting. It helps to increase revenue and profits.
  • Improve working efficiency, reduce customer complaints of cold food
  • Call customer in time to get the food, so that customer will happy to enjoy the food in time.


Usually it used on self-service place, where need to queue, such as fast causal restaurant, food truck, cafe, bar, dessert shop, brewery.