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Daily Archives:August 07,2021

New arrival of Retekess TD019 wireless call button

Retekess TD019 call button with good design and big press key. It is very comfortable to press. You can use it in restaurants or health care or familiy. It has a lanyard to hang on the neck. So you can choose the sticker or lanyard according to your request. If any, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.  ...

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The Comeback of Drive-Thru Experiences

How about the restaurant trend in 2021? What about last year? The drive-in and drive-thrus are popular again in many restaurants? What should we do to improve your business? A guest paging system is a useful tool during the COVID-19 time.  ...

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How to choose Retekess T111 or T112 Wireless Guest Pager System?

Retekess T111 and T112 paging systems can meet different needs. You can choose a more suitable paging system according to the scale of your business.  ...

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