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Simultaneous Interpretation System: An Essential Tool for Churches and International Schools

Simultaneous interpretation systems enhance communication in multicultural churches and international schools with clear sound, stable signal, multi-channel capabilities, long working distance, and extended battery life, ensuring inclusivity and understanding.  ...

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Application of Tour Guide System in Schools

The T130S T131S wireless translation device provides schools with powerful communication tools that enhance the classroom experience, promote inclusivity and promote engagement. We insist on providing customers with the highest quality products and will continue to innovate to provide the wireless solutions you need.  ...

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How to Choose the Best Church Translation System

As congregations grow, more and more churches around the world are using church translation systems to host multilingual services.  ...

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Retekess TT122 Church Translation Equipment

Retekess TT122 church translation equipment is widely used in churches, tour groups, museums, factories, outdoor teaching, etc.  ...

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