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A Sincere Letter from Retekess CEO

A Sincere Letter from Retekess CEO

A Sincere Letter from Retekess CEO

I’m Weidong Shen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Retekess.

We started Retekess with a simple mission: Help your business and be successful, we achieve our mission when we same time and make the communication easier and more efficient. It takes 12 more years to achieve success in the fierce competition era. We adopt technology to make our life easier and smarter.

While the rest of our website focuses on how we do what we do, I want to take a few minutes to unpack what we do in the passes 12 more years and in the future.

In 2008, I start my business with 2 people, one person is me, and the other is my wife. We start from scratch, my wife and I both choose to resign from a big company, I hate to do the same things every day and I want to be different and change the world a little with my effort. I started to sell communication products on the website, such as phone, walkie talkie, and accessories. I can not sell it anymore, due to the poor quantity. Then I realize that I need to have my own brand, I start to hire some engineers to make our items in 2011. Sales are increasing fast. In 2012, our sales reached 20 million for the first time. In an accident, I know wireless communication technology products, they can communicate easier in the business, such as restaurants, cafe, hospital, clinic, factory, retail, and so on. Then our engineer starts to make the first vision guest paging system, All of the bosses like it because it do improve the work efficiency, reduce cost, and improve the customers' satisfaction. Then we start to do the second vision, third vision ... ... We collect customers' needs, we solve the problem on most of the items in the market. After we study the market, we improve the products. In 2016, our sales exceeded 100 million.

12 years passed, we have about 200 employees, about 15% of them are engineers, we also have the developers, customers servicers, sales, warehouse staff, quality inspectors, logistics staff, accountants, and so on. We will keep moving and create a myth that belongs to Retekess.

We take a high view of work, rejecting the notion that work is the obligatory bane of the human experience. At Retekess, we believe that—in its best formwork is a place where we get an opportunity to use our gifts and talents to, “put a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs challenged.

At Retekess, we believe there is dignity in all honest, legal, and moral work. Also, we will do our best for our partner, dealer, a distributor. At the end of 2020, if you still need Retekess help, pls feel free to inform us. We look forward to empowering you to do your best work.

Best regards and take care 

Weidong Shen

CEO of Retekess

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