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How Restaurants Can Benefit From a Paging System

How Restaurants Can Benefit From a Paging System

How Restaurants Can Benefit From a Paging System

Nowadays, there are many restaurants using Guest Paging Systems for social distancing management. Obviously, this is a very effective way to protect the staff and customers.

In addition to work as a social distancing paging system, it also has many other advantages for running a restaurant.

If you are a customer, would you like the waiter in the restaurant to use a microphone to announce your name when your food is ready or any table will be free?

Will you feel comfortable if you are forced to be near the restaurant and wait for your name to be called? I believe that it is not convenient for you because you don’t have any privacy, as everyone in the restaurant can hear your name from the microphone.

If there's a restaurant paging system, when you placed the order, you could get a pager from the waiter. The restaurant pager gives you freedom to wait in various areas like stay in your car, go shopping or find other activities than stay in the front of the restaurant. The buzzer will be vibrating or beep while being called. It gives more privacy and freedom to the customer.

These are not enough to explain all the advantages of restaurant paging system. With the help of guest paging system, the restaurant will increase table turns, reduce staff cost, increase order speed, reduce cold meals and reheats, etc.

Overall, no matter you are running a restaurant or the manager of a restaurant, if you want to improve the service in your restaurant and hence its image, the restaurant paging system is a good choice for it. Let your customers feel themselves more special for you.

There are few types of wireless paging systems in the market.

Coaster Paging System, it includes 10 pagers in usual. The design makes it saves place and cost-effective.

Slim Paging System, it includes more than 16 pagers in usual, more convenient for larger or busy restaurants.

Alphanumeric Paging System, this type of device is a bit modernized. It has a display on which the text message is shown when being called.

Should you need any suggestions on choosing restaurant pagers, just feel free to email us at support@retekess.com

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