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Benefits of the Wireless Intercom System for a Pharmacy

Benefits of the Wireless Intercom System for a Pharmacy

Benefits of the Wireless Intercom System for a Pharmacy

As we all know, in the COVID-19 period, many stores are claimed to close except the restaurant, pharmacy, and clinic.

It is the best way to keep ourselves and families safer. 

We are asked to stay a safe distance with each other.

But what should we do if we fell sick? What should we do if we go outside get some medicine?

The wireless window speaker can help us well in this serious time. 

This item is very easy to install: there are 2 parts in all: speaker and microphone

  • Put the speaker in the room

  • Stick the microphone on the window

  • Half-duplex tech, so allowed one to speak in one time, push the button to control it

  • No need other equipment to install

At this time, we offer a variety of wireless windows intercom system that can help make a pharmacy run more efficiently and protect the

customers and pharmacists well. There are many benefits to having a wireless window speaker system for a pharmacy and in this blog, 

we are going to discuss many of those benefits.

Quicker Services

One benefit that you should recognize is that the wireless window intercom system services to operate quickly to meet that increasing demand in theCOVID19, 

when people are not allowed to enter into the room. Customers can stand at the windows to ask the pharmacist for help.

More Safer

The other benefit is that customers and pharmacist no need to talk face to face, which reduce the danger to infect the virus.

Create a Pleasant Environment

The most important is that people no need to speak louder, the pharmacist can talk with a speaker with a soft voice. The customers can hear clearly.


The convenience for consumers is also beneficial for pharmacies, which is the most important reason to use the wireless window speaker in the pharmacy.

If you need the wireless intercom system for pharmacy in the COVID19 period to help your business, we can help, pls email me at support@retekess.com


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i need one

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Hello, thanks for your comment!You can buy products directly on our website. The same model in blog is TW102, the purchasing link is https://www.retekess.com/tw102-window-speaker/#F9461DX1 If you want to know about other models, please visit this link: https://www.retekess.com/categories/window-intercom-system/ If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Emails can be sent to support@retekess.com

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