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Best Retekess Paging System for Cake Shop

Best Retekess Paging System for Cake Shop

Best Retekess Paging System for Cake Shop

With the development of the guest paging system, it is known by many areas. It is widely used in many stores. Not only the restaurants, but it is also a good product for cake shops.

Recently, the guest paging system is a trend, it is not only can keep social distance, but it is can also improve efficiency and customers satisfaction.

For all the restaurant paging systems, it can work in the cake shop. But the TD157 guest paging system is the most popular one. People like this best.

This paging system has 16 pagers with the system, the design is very fashionable. It has two colors, one is black, one is white. You can choose according to your shop style.

It has light and beep notice. It has two notices modes. For the pagers, there is no sticker there. So you can print your own sticker and stick it on the pager.

It has a 300Mha battery. It can stand 20 hours after a full charge. The keypad is touchable and waterproof. But the slots are not waterproof. So you need to take care of that.

With the paging system, customers don’t have to wait online or in-store. They can sit on a chair or go around outside. So they don’t need to wait boring. When the order is ready, you can call them to pick up their order. If customers don’t come in time, you can call them again.

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